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Goa is known for a lot of things and one of the most popular and iconic things you can do in Goa is to try out all the several water sports.

That is why today we are going to talk about some of the most popular types of water sports that you should never miss when you are in Goa.

We are going to be talking about some of the most iconic water sports activities to do in Goa and you should never miss out on these activities when you are in Goa.

It does not really matter how old you are or your gender or physical fitness because there is always going to be some form of water sport for you.

However, it is also important to understand that not all water sports are safe and appropriate for everyone because some water sports need certain skills and other water sports need a certain level of physical fitness.

Having said that, there are enough water sports that are relaxing and can be done by everyone from children to older people.

So, let us now look at some of the most popular as well as the most iconic water sports in Goa.

Iconic Water Sports to Try in Goa

Jet Skiing

We had to include this iconic water sport activity into the list simply because when we talk about water sports this is probably one of the first things that comes to anyone’s mind.

Jet Skiing is not like surfing which requires a very high level of physical fitness. Jet Skiing is simple because if you want to Jet Ski, all you need is a motorcycle license.

Sometimes you don’t even need any kind of licence and you can simply get on the Skii and have fun.  The thing you to understand here is that operating a Jet Skii is probably one of the simplest things you can do.

If you have ever ridden a scooty then the controls are basically the same because you do not have to worry about any clutch and gears. Jet skis operate with a simple throttle for acceleration.

This means anyone with a rudimentary understanding of how a scooter works can ride it.

Scuba Diving

The second name on our list is definitely going to be scuba diving because it is probably one of the most iconic things you can do if you are in Goa.

In order to do scuba diving, you might need a minimum level of physical fitness but you need something even more important than that, you need confidence and discipline.

This is because when we are talking about commercial scuba diving and recreational scuba diving for tourists, it is usually safe and does not require a lot of skills.

But in order to explore the diverse underwater life in Goa, you need to be very disciplined when it comes to listening to your scuba diving instructor. You need to pay attention to all the different kinds of hand signals they teach you.

You need to be able to follow them with the best kind of focus and also make sure that you are confident enough when you do it.

It is not that complicated and if you can get over the minor difficulties then you are going to have an experience that you will never forget in your life.

Motorboat Parasailing

When we talk about iconic water sports to try out in Goa, we can never forget motorboat parasailing because it has become so popular and mainstream that it is a must-do water sport now.

The concept behind motor boat parasailing is quite simple and it is probably the safest form of using a parachute but also includes the element of water sports.

Nearly every popular beach in Goa has parasailing activities and the concept behind it is very simple and you do not even need any kind of skills when it comes to parasailing.

The concept behind it is that you are going to be attached to a harness and you are going to be pulled by a motorboat but you are also going to be attached to a parachute.

This means when the motorboat picks up speed the parachute is also going to catch air and gradually lift you up from the water.

When the motorboat reaches the optimal speed, you will be up in the air but always attached to the motor boat.

This is one of the few parachute activities where you can go up in the air without an instructor.

Banana Boat Ride

If you want something relaxing and something that can be done by everyone from senior citizens to children then we should definitely recommend the banana boat ride for you.

The thing about the banana boat ride is that it is basically an inflatable boat that is shaped like a banana. It has a few built-in seats with something to hold on to.

That banana boat is usually pulled by a motorboat and the thing about it is you can tell the motorboat captain to drive as slow or as fast as you want.

This means you can have children on the banana boat and ask the captain of the motorboat to drive very slowly or you can be with your friends and ask the motorboat captain to drive as fast as possible.

It is also one of the least expensive water sports to try out in Goa.


And finally, we have a very fun water sport activity at the end of this blog. If you do not feel comfortable scuba diving and you do not want to go into deep waters but you still want to experience the marine life of Goa then this is the best option for you.

Snorkelling is when you breathe through a pipe apparatus that is attached to your swimming goggles. It is a small tube and it lets you breathe underwater.

When it comes to snorkeling, it is usually carried out only a few feet under the surface of the water and there is always an instructor ready to assist you.

If you are afraid of depths and you do not know how to swim or if you have any kind of physical disability then this is a very good option for you.

It is also a lot less expensive than scuba diving which requires a lot more gear.

We hope this blog will help you get the best ideas on the kinds of water sports to try out in Goa. And if you are visiting Goa solo and you want to have good female company and try out all the water sports with beautiful female companions then we are here for you.

We are Sanjana Kour Goa and we will help you hire some of the prettiest and most beautiful female companions in Goa. You can take them on different water sports adventures and experience Goa in the best way possible.

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