Today we are going to talk about something that many people might feel ashamed of but it is nothing to be ashamed of because it is something very common and it is something that can easily be corrected.

Today we are going to talk about premature ejaculation and also how you can last longer during sex.

While they are many manuals on what to eat before sex to last longer or how to last longer in bed with other medicines but we are not going to talk about them.

We are going to talk about how to last longer in bed naturally and how to use different techniques such as self-control, the pause-squeeze method and foreplay and much more in order to find the solution to this issue.





This is something that is often missed out by a lot of couples and this is something that can really help you with the problem of premature ejaculation.

Foreplay is not only exciting but it will help build up your orgasm through sexual stimulation.  Foreplay can be interesting and it can also be a very creative and challenging process.

It will help you understand that sex is a lot more than the final outcome and it is a journey and the more you understand this and the more you try to explore this fantastic journey you are going to enjoy the penetration even more.

You can utilise a lot of things during foreplay such as sex toys and different techniques and this can help you slow down your organism and it can help you reach a good few minutes before you finally reach orgasm.


Sex is not just about doing one thing regularly and it is about a journey and it is about adventure and exploration and one of the best ways you can utilise this is by exploding new positions.

If you grab hold of the most famous book on sexuality and sexual wellness the ‘Kamasutra’ then you will understand what kind of an importance positions have been given.

Changing your positions will not only change your whole perspective on sex but it can even help you last longer because you might have been doing in a position that leads to quick ejaculation but if you explore other positions you might actually last longer.

This will not only help you in your sexual education but it will actually help in the relationship of you and your partner because you are trying something new and it is always true doing something new that love increases.


This is one solution that has even been recommended by numerous sex therapists, let us explain why.

The science behind reaching an orgasm is quite simple and it is the science of sensation. The more your nerves are stimulated the faster you are going to have an organism.

It is all about the connection between the nerves and the mind that translates sexual activity to the mind and this is the key thing to understand here.

When you use condoms that are thicker, that will mean that a lot of sensitivity will decrease and that will also mean that your nerves will feel a lot less sensitive.

This will in turn mean that you will not reach the final destination quickly and that it will take time for things to reach the climax.

You can find different kinds of condoms including extra thick ones that are going to help you a lot.


We are of course talking about masturbation because nothing can train you for the real game better than net practising before the final game.

Masturbation will not only help you in understanding rhythm but will help build your stamina and will also help you understand your body and your needs even more.

It is healthy as well as natural and a totally perfect thing to do if you want to have more control over your climax.

However, it can become addicting and you must always have sense before you do it and you must always remember the purpose of why you are doing it so as to build stamina.


There is this fantastic thing called edging and those of you who already know about this are probably smiling while reading this.

Edging is the art of nearly jumping off the cliff in terms of climax but holding it back at the right moment and stopping. If you want to edge then you must simply stop the act or slow down and do something that is not sexual.

This will not only build up that tension but when the tension finally releases it is going to be ten times more pleasurable and this will also mean that you can last a lot longer.

You can also utilise the squeeze-pause method as that has been proven to be quite effective for a lot of men. You can Google the technique to find out how to do it.

When you have stopped before the climax, you can utilise that time to pleasure your partner.

These were a few of the important things that will help you with how to stay in bed for longer while having sex. Additionally, you can also maintain a healthy diet as studies have shown that it can actually help with premature ejaculation.

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