Shower Sex

We all can agree with the fact that shower sex is probably the best way to have sex if you do not consider the bed as an option.

That is why we bring you this blog where we talk about some of the best sex positions to try out in the shower that will not only help you reach the best orgasms but will also be excellent for relationship-building with your partner.

These positions are also quite safe if you can keep a few safety tips in mind before shower sex. However, if you cannot keep these safety tips in mind then shower sex can be actually very dangerous.

A Few Shower-Sex Safety Tips

Lube Is Necessary

One of the important things is that you should definitely use lube because water can wash away the natural lubrication your body produces.

Shower Floors

You must also keep in mind that the shower floors are not slippery so that you do not fall down while having shower sex.

Surroundings In Mind

You must also keep in mind your surroundings during shower sex such as places to hold on and places to not hold on.

Water Temperature

And you must always make sure that the water temperature is correct. It can be quite dangerous to have shower sex with the shower on and get burnt by hot water.

Now that we have talked about important safety tips for shower sex, we can now move on to shower sex and talk about some of the best positions for shower sex.

While these positions might be called something else in popular culture but we have decided to give our own names to these positions so that it becomes easy for you to follow.

Ultimate Sex Positions for Shower Sex

The Standing Spooning

This is probably the easiest shower sex position we can talk about and it is also the most convenient because you can try this out in a big shower or even in a small space.

This is when your partner faces the wall and you just spoon her from behind as both of you stand with all your legs on the floor.

Keeping all the legs on the floor is an important part of this position because this position is actually quite safe and stable and ensures that you do not slip and fall.

You can then spread her legs and do what you must all the while standing straight and using your hands on her body.

The best part about this position is that you do not even need a lot of physical fitness to try it out because everyone can do this position if they are able to stand straight.

Shower Doggy Style

If you already know how to do doggy style then you are already great at this position even before trying it because this is basically just a doggy style adapted to the shower.

This is when your partner bends down and holds the sink or the sink’s countertop for support as you give it to her from behind.

This is a very good and safe sex position just because all your legs are on the ground which means it reduces the chances of slipping and falling down.

Sometimes this is also called the standing doggy style and this position is very versatile and you can do a lot of things with this position.

The shower doggy style is also great if you are into anal because this is one of the safest positions to try out anal in the shower and it makes sense because this is such as stable position.

Bathtub Frenzy

If you have a bathtub then we can already suggest a lot more shower sex positions to have fun because it is basically a sex seat for the creative people.

If you have a bathtub then the best thing to do would be to sit down with your partner on your lap facing against you.

If you feel like this sounds familiar then it is familiar because we are just talking about sitting reverse cowgirl.

We are just talking about the regular reverse cowgirl but with your legs flat in the bathtub with your partner facing opposite of you and on your lap as you have passionate bathtub sex.

You can have any kind of variation to this and you can add things like different bath bombs and bath gels and spice it up even more.

You can even add toys into the mix but you must keep in mind that those toys should be waterproof.

Three-Legged Fun

All the positions that we talk about in this blog are actually very safe to do and this is also very safe. If you remember the first position that talks about standing and penetrating your partner from behind and hugging her while penetrating her, well this is the same thing but now she is facing you.

This is one of the most romantic sex positions we can think of just because you can hug your partner in your arms while one of her legs is up as you support it while you have intercourse with her.

The thing about this position is that your partner is going to be against the wall and you are going to be facing her and also make sure that she is stable and safe.

This is one of the relatively stable positions that we are talking about and while this is not the safest position we can think of, this is certainly safe simply because there are always three legs on the ground for support.

Now there are going to be positions where you lift your partner up against the wall and simply support her with your hands and have her in your arms while you penetrate her from behind but they are not really safe.

The most important thing to keep in mind during shower sex is simply to stay safe because you can have a lot of accidents if you are not paying attention.

And if you are someone who wants to try out all these shower sex positions with your partner but you do not feel confident then you do not need to worry.

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