We have a fun and interesting blog for you today because today we are going to talk about fetishes as we will dive deep into what is a fetish.

We will also talk about some of the most popular fetishes around the world and you might even be surprised at some of the fetishes.

This has been a long-requested blog and we are finally happy to bring it to you and if you want to read more such blogs then you can check out all our other blogs that are equally fun.

So, let us start the blog by understanding what is a fetish.

So, What Is a Fetish?

You can look up what fetish means on Google but to explain it to you in a fun and simple way, it is basically things that make you horny.

It can be an object or it can be a body part or even an activity that you do with your partner or even alone.

It can be anything from a type of clothing or it can even be a type of music or a type of weather and there are no constraints on what cannot be a fetish.

That is what makes fetishes so fun, they can be anything you want them to be and what makes you horny.  However, there are a few common fetishes that are so prevalent that we need to talk about them.

The best thing about this blog is that you might not even know that you have a fetish for the things we are about to mention in this list.

So, let us look at some of the most common fetishes.

These Are Some of The Most Common Sexual Fetishes

Feet Fetish

This is one of the most common sexual fetishes out there because some people really love feet and it makes them aroused.

That is why there are even websites where people sell feet pics for a lot of money because this fetish is quite popular.

The people with this fetish love to play with feet and they love to kiss it and massage it and do all kinds of things with feet.

But this is a very specific fetish and if you do not have it then you do not have it and it might actually sound odd to you.

But for the people who love feet, they have their own criteria of what kind of feet they are into.

Belly Fetish

This is also a very popular fetish and this is when people love playing with bellies and navels and have sexual arousal when they see bellies and navels.

This is a much more common fetish simply because it is very much associated with the figure of a person and that is why more people tend to have this fetish in some form or another.

Sometimes this fetish is also called a navel fetish and it is when people are in love with navels and love to play with them.

People who have belly or navel fetishes usually like to kiss and sexually interact with it and it makes them aroused.

They like to stimulate the belly or like to have their bellies stimulated and it makes them feel sexually charged.

Roleplay Fetis

Now this is a more common fetish compared to the other ones on the list and this is enjoyed by a large group of people.

Roleplay is not just about getting into different costumes and having sex with your partner because roleplay is about being in different naughty and erotic roles.

For example, if you are into roleplay then you might do a teacher and student roleplay with your partner or even a police and thief roleplay. It is all about getting into roles other than your usual self.

You can even do things like milkman and housewife roleplay or anything you like. The best part about roleplay is that if you are a creative person then you can think of a lot of situations for having fun.

You can then combine the roleplay fetish with other types of fetishes and improve the experience even more.

Armpit Fetish

Since we are talking about fetishes, we need to talk about this fetish no matter how odd it sounds to people who do not have it.

If you are someone with an armpit fetish then you are someone who is sexually aroused and attracted to armpits.

That means you will get horny if you touch armpits and you will enjoy playing with them and interacting with them. Sometimes this is just touch.

Other times it can be playing with it in different ways and licking it as well as enjoying the smell of it. This is a very specific kind of fetish and if you do not have it then you will not understand it.

That is why if you are someone who has this fetish and your partner also enjoys it when you do it then consider yourself lucky because this is very rare.

BDSM Fetish

BDSM can easily be considered as a fetish and it is such a diverse topic that it needs entire blogs just to explain the different types and nuances of BDSM.

It is basically a combination of different dynamics of power such as dominance and submission as well as discipline and bondage.

It is when you like to discipline your partner by having them in bondage like handcuffs so that you can teach them a lesson.

It can include things like spanking and other forms of domination and even humiliation which falls into the category of sadism and BDSM.

These were some of the most common types of fetishes and while there are a lot more out there, these are generally easy to do and usually done by people.

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