Sex Positions

Today we have a very exciting blog for you because we are going to talk about sex positions, especially for men.

The thing about sex positions is that some can be very challenging and some can be really difficult for you if you are not an athlete.

That is why we are going to talk about sex positions that are easy to and fun but are also very good if you want to last in bed.

These are also some of the most popular sex positions that couples usually do together and men love and you can easily get used to these positions.

However, which sex positions you like really depends on your preference and this is our list and we would like to ask you to use your own judgement and discretion before trying out these positions.

So, let us start the blog where we talk about some of the most fun and exciting as well as pleasurable sex positions to try out in bed as a man.

Best Sex Positions to Try as A Man


The Famous Cowgirl

This is probably one of the most popular sex positions out there because this is a position where the man simply does not have to do anything as they can lie down and just have fun.

In order to do this, you simply have to lie down and your partner is going to climb on you while you insert your penis and your partner is simply going to sit on your hips.

It is just like being a bull and your partner is going to ride this excited and hard bull that you become at the moment.

This is the easiest sex position for men because they do not have to do anything and you can simply down and you do not even have to hold your partner.

You can hold your partner’s hips and that might stabilize her but you can simply just lie down and have your hands behind your head and enjoy whatever is going on.

The Easy Side-by-Side

When we were choosing all the positions while doing research for this blog our priority was simple and it was to choose positions that are the easiest to do but do not compromise on pleasure.

That is exactly what side-by-side is. With the side-by-side position, you and your partner will lie down on your side facing each other.

You are going to hold her in your arms and then you cross your legs with one leg of your partner on your body. This gives you enough space to insert your penis into her vagina.

When it comes to the level of control this is a position that ensures equal control for both the partners and you do not even have to get into any acrobatic position to do this.

This is going to be a lot more pleasurable and enjoyable than the first option but that might lead to another problem.

See the thing is the more sensations you have the more you will find it difficult to last in bed and that is why this is going to provide you with a lot of sensations but it will also limit your ability to last in bed. So, it all depends on your priority.

The Big Spoon

The third option is very easy to understand because all you have to think about is to imagine keeping two spoons together.

The spoon that is going to be hugging the other spoon is the big spoon and the little spoon is going to be your partner.

This is the same as the side by side but it is when both of you lay on your side and you hug your partner from behind.

This is a very romantic position and this is when you want to cuddle with your partner and also have sex with them.

This is going to provide you with a lot of control and your partner will not have any control and this is also excellent for vaginal sex as well as for anal sex.

But we need comes to spooning, you are going to have a lot of sensations and like we said in the previous point, the more sensations you have the more pleasure you are going to feel.

And if you feel more pleasure then it will also limit your time in bed.

The Lazy Dog

And finally, we have the lazy dog which is a very fun spin on the ever-popular doggy style. See the thing with doggy style is that it needs a lot of support in the legs and knees.

But if you want to increase the pleasure and reduce the acrobatics then the lazy dog is the perfect position for you.

If you want to do this style but instead of sitting on the bed you both are going to be lying down and you are going to lay down on top of your partner.

She can have her legs in the normal position and you are going to spread your legs so that your penis has access to her vagina.

While this might be a little difficult for you in the first place because you might be confused as to where to put the knees but with practice you can become a master at it.

The best thing about the lazy dog is that the sensation is greatly reduced because you are not thrusting as hard as with doggy style and you get to have control and last longer in bed.

We hope this blog has been helpful for you to get an idea of some exciting sex positions that are very fun and pleasurable to do and also help you last longer in bed and do not even require a lot of fitness.

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