Today we are going to answer one of the most requested questions that have been asked a lot of times by our clients and people who are interested in hiring Russian escorts.


The question is why do hot Russian girls work for escort services in Goa?


The answer to this question is not simple because there are a lot of complicated factors involved in the adult entertainment industry which includes call girls and escorts and that is why let us explain why this is the case in detail.


This blog will help you understand a lot about the escort services that hot Russian girls provide and it will also help you understand why they choose Goa rather than any other city in India or anywhere else for that matter.






In order to understand why Russian girls prefer to be escorts in Goa, you need to understand why Russians love Goa because whenever you go to Goa you might find a lot of Russians living there and working different jobs and enjoying Goa.


The reason is quite simple and one of the reasons is that Russia is a very cold country and the climate is very brutal and that is why they come to Goa for a change of climate so that they can enjoy and feel healthy under the beautiful Goa sun.


The second thing is that Russia might be a Western country but if you calculate the state of the economy in Russia then you will understand it is not as rich as other Western countries or other countries in Europe which means that going to places that are similar to Goa but in Europe is out of the question because it is a lot more expensive for Russians.


Goa on the other hand provides all the facilities of any Western beach city for one-third of the price and that is why it is very pocket friendly for Russians to come to Goa and there is also the factor of familiarity because Goa has always been popular for Russian people and that is why they find it comfortable to come to Goa.


And when we say Russian people come to Goa there are also a lot of girls that come to Goa and becoming an escort is a quick way of maintaining their lifestyle in Goa.




Cultural speaking there is a lot common between India and Russia along with the gender roles and that is why whenever a Russian girl comes to India or Goa they find the similar charm that they find in Russian men.


They find Indian men naturally handsome as well as exotic because it is a very sexy thing to have tan and brown skin in Western countries and that is why Indian men are automatically attractive to Russian women and along with that Indian men are very macho and manly and know how to treat a woman with respect and love and affection in a very passionate way.


That is why you will find a lot of international escorts loving Indian men simply because they are the ideal clients simply because they are not very rough and they know how to treat escorts with professionalism and respect. It is very hard to find men like that in Eastern Europe or even in Western countries where escorts are treated very badly.




One of the best things about exotic companionship is that it pays very well.  A Russian escort can hope to earn as much as they might earn in any Western City and they also get the love and attention that they crave and they get to do this job looking sexy and feeling sexy in one of the sexiest locations in the world.


So, if they’re able to earn as much as they might earn in their own country with the added benefit of a sexy location and better purchasing power in a place where regular items are usually less expensive than in any Russian city then that means the escort girls can save even more money because they are getting paid like Western countries but they are spending in terms of Indian price parity.




Russians love to party and their love nightlife and exotic parties with a lot of music and dancing and Goa is probably among the top 10 or even top 5 party destinations in the world. The Goa nightlife is renowned for its amazing atmosphere and it draws people from all over the world and this is also the reason why Goa is so popular with foreigners and it is because they find a similar atmosphere in Goa that they might find in their own city or town in Europe or US.


This means that the Goa nightlife actually helps the adult tourism industry because there are a lot of people coming to Goa with the intention of spending a lot of money and that is why there is steady work for hot Russian escorts all the time.




Russians are one of the most hard-working people and they know how to earn money anywhere they go and this is the case with Goa because working for VIP services in Goa is one of the best ways to earn money for hot and also hard-working Russian escorts.


They are very loyal to the agencies that they work for and they are very honest people who do not cheat others and that is why they are one of the best and one of the ideal choices for escorts and that is also the reason why we have a lot of hot, beautiful and top model Russian escorts working for us at Sanjana Kour. They always provide the ultimate satisfaction to our amazing clients and they always talk about our clients because they love Indian men so much.


We hope this answers the question about why so many Russian girls work as escorts in Goa and we do hope this helps you understand a bit more about how the escort industry is well established in Goa because even foreigners enjoy working in Goa.


If you are someone who likes beautiful Russian girls and if you are in Goa then we are here to help you because you can hire the hottest and the most stunning Russian beauties from us at Sanjana Kour escorts services. We are the only premium escort agency in Goa with the most affordable prices and packages.


We aim to make sure your trip to Goa is memorable and satisfactory and we welcome you to check out all our services and hire your beautiful Russian cutie from us and have international-level fun without a Visa just in Goa.

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