Today we are going to talk about an issue that is very serious and is not talked about a lot because of societal taboos and much more because today we are going to talk about common reasons why couples stop having sex.


Sexual pleasure is a necessity just like food, water and shelter and it is one of the most important necessities is in a relationship and especially marriage because sexual intimacy between two partners can be the solution to a lot of problems and can help create and restore a situation of love and affection which might die down in a marriage after some time of living together.


However, that does not seem to be the case for a lot of couples because they simply stop being intimate and stop having intercourse after a few years of marriage and there can be several reasons for this.


Let us explore and understand the reasons and even try to find a solution to this problem.






Children can be one of the reasons why couples stop having sex simply because taking care of children, especially in their first few months and years, is very stressful because they have to be looked after 24/7.


Even if the couple finds any time to be intimate that time is usually reserved to take some rest because they are simply too tired of doing their job and also taking care of the child.


And there is an even more important reason why couples stop having sex after having children and it is because females can have lower levels of sexual drive because of postpartum depression.




Sexual intercourse is something that is very pleasurable and it is something that is done best when two people love and trust each other. If you eliminate the factor of trust from the equation then that closeness and affection and mutual pleasure can disappear.


You cannot expect a wife or husband to have sex with their partner if they are having trust issues with their partner and this is one of the leading reasons why couples stop having sex.


The only way to eliminate this is to make sure that trust is restored because only after there is trust in the relationship there will be love and affection and good steamy sex.




While this might not seem like a common issue but this is also a common issue because we do not think about the people who are suffering from a disease which might be a chronic disease or even if they are recovered in from surgery.


If your body is not in the best condition and if you are suffering from something then sex will be the last thing on your mind and that is the case with many couples. They have too much to worry about and that can lead to them not even thinking about being intimate.


Even if the disease is cured the habit of not having sex will continue and that is one of the reasons why many couples stop being intimate because they are used to that condition.




This is also something that many couples suffer from of both genders simply because this is very common among men and women above a certain age. Men can suffer from erectile dysfunction and women can suffer from a lack of sex drive during menopause.


This is a mutual issue faced by seniors or middle-aged couples because men can suffer from erectile dysfunction which is a terrible thing to have where you simply cannot make sure that you are ready for intercourse. While menopause is the reason why many women lose interest in sex after a certain age because biologically their bodies do not produce that urge.




Today’s couples are regular people and today’s regular people are pretty career driven and passionate about their job. It becomes their lifelong dream to excel in their career and get promotions upon promotions.


While this is a very good decision for the financial benefit of the entire family and also societal position but this is a very bad thing because they are too exhausted to get intimate after spending so much time at work.


Sex is the last thing on their mind if the primary thing is PowerPoint presentations and this is one of the leading reasons why middle-class couples are not having sex as frequently as the previous generation.




Your body can experience changes and there can be many reasons for it and it can be ageing or simply gaining weight or it can be because of some kind of accident or surgery but your body can experience changes.


The reason why this affects sexual intercourse between couples is that you or your partner might become conscious about the change that your body has experienced and you might not feel comfortable in your body.


You might think of the time when you had a better body according to yourself and this might lead to a severe lack of self-confidence and if you cannot love yourself, it is very difficult for you to love someone else.


We hope this blog helps you understand why couples stop having sex and what are the common reasons for it.


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