Today we are going to talk about intimacy which is one of the most important aspects of any relationship and especially a marriage.


Intimacy can determine a lot of things and it can even determine how strong your marriage is and how long it is going to last because without intimacy the marriage can become very dry.


So let us understand the reasons why affection and intimacy may be lacking in your marriage, however before that, let us understand what is intimacy.




Intimacy is not something simple if you want to define it but it can be simple to understand because it is simply affection towards your partner with whom you are in a relationship and intimacy can be expressed by different means.


You can show intimacy towards your partner through small actions and small acts of love and you can show intimacy towards your partner by showing them how much you love them and sacrificing a lot for them out loud.


Intimacy can be sweet chemistry between love birds and intimacy can be something that can include everything from sexual intimacy to spiritual internship as well as emotional and mental intimacy. It is intimacy that brings a higher level of love and closeness to a relationship.


And it is the hidden gem that keeps the relationship fresh even after years of marriage.


Now that we know what is intimacy and how important it is for a marriage, let us understand why they are might be a lack of intimacy in your marriage and lack of affection.






One of the most common and one of the worst reasons why there is no intimacy or affection in marriage is because there is abuse and torture in the relationship.


That abuse can be in the form of domestic abuse and it can also be in the form of sexual abuse or it can be physical violence or even emotional abuse but if there is abuse then the person who is being abused will never develop feelings of intimacy or affection with the abuser.


What they might develop in very rare cases is called Stockholm syndrome, it is not intimacy.


The victim will always fake affection to survive because they are constantly being tortured either mentally or physically.


If you are someone who is being tortured then the only thing for you to do is to report your partner to the authorities so that they can take action against that horrible person and you can get justice.




One of the reasons why people see a lack of intimacy or affection in marriage is because of mental health issues because your partner might be experiencing mental health issues and they might not be communicating with you about those issues.


When someone is depressed, it is very difficult for them to feel or even show intimacy or affection whether it is physical or mental.


The thing you can do here is to simply ask them and try to be as understanding and gentle as possible in order to understand the condition that they are going through and if they are going through depression then you must give them constructive advice and not be judgemental about it.


You must encourage them to go to a therapist and you must also try being that therapist at home by simply caring for them and being more understanding than needed.




One of the other reasons why people might not feel intimacy in a marriage is because their partner might not trust them. Love can only prosper if there is trust and understanding between the two people in a relationship and if you break that trust or if your partner is having some misunderstanding with you then affection can never take place.


If your partner is suspecting you of something or if you are having a misunderstanding with your partner then unless and until the trust is restored or the misunderstanding is solved, it would be very difficult to regain feelings of love and affection.




It might sim uncommon but insecurities can be a very sensitive issue in a relationship because you are your partner might not feel confident or on the same level as your partner.


There might be reasons or it might be something created totally in your mind but you might feel a severe lack of self-confidence when it comes to your partner because you might feel inferior to your partner and the moment you feel inferior it might be difficult to show affection to your partner.


This might also lead to feelings of jealousy and if jealousy enters the relationship, then it becomes very difficult for affection or intimacy to take place.


We hope this blog has been helpful to you in order for you to understand the several reasons why affection and intimacy might be lacking in a relationship and the reasons are very diverse and some reasons might even have solutions and others might not have any solution to them.


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