If you want to hire escorts then you have two options. One of the options is to hire an independent escort. The other option is to hire escorts from an escort agency. They may seem similar but there are quite a number of differences between these two options.

In fact, there are countless benefits of hiring escorts from trusted escort agencies over an independent escort. We are going to talk about the pros and cons of hiring escorts from agencies. And we are going to tell you why should you hire escorts from agencies rather than independent escorts.


In order to understand that and book an escort service you must know why it is better than independent escorts. We are going to talk about escort agencies in a little bit but let us talk about independent escorts.

Independent escorts are freelance escorts. They do not work under any agency and they work independently. They are not trained by any agency and do not have to follow the rules of any agency. They decide their own prices. They do not have flexibility in escort services because they are a single person and a single person can only be an expert at so many things.

While it is easy to satisfy your fantasies with both kinds of services but there are problems with independent escorts. There is no organisation and there is no variety of escort services with a single escort. If you are lucky then you might get the perfect company. But if you are not that lucky then you might have a very bad experience with independent escorts.

Let us now talk about some key points to consider regarding why you should choose escort agencies over independent escorts.



Independent escorts do not have any liability to provide you with safety and security. They do not have any brand reputation to maintain and they work under their own name which is their brand. They can change cities and they can even turn out to be scammers. You do not get any assurance of safety and security with them. However, escort agencies are entire companies just like us at Sanjana Kour escort services Goa. We and agencies like ours have a brand reputation to maintain. That is why we have some of the strictest screening processes so that only the most genuine and best escorts work for us. When you hire escorts from us and agencies like us, the escorts do not deal with money directly. You deal it directly with us and that is why there is safety and security. Agencies have permanent locations and can be a good source of peace of mind for clients.


When you hire independent escorts, you cannot expect professionalism. This is because independent escorts are not trained to be professionals. They are not trained to provide discretion to clients. They are just a single person who cannot possibly uphold the privacy of clients. When it comes to escort agencies, the equation is completely different. Escort agencies are proper establishments that provide companionship services. Agencies like ours have to maintain professionalism so that we can establish the best reputation in the industry. Our area of operations and our clientele are way larger than a single individual. That is why we can maintain confidentiality not at the compromise of enjoyment. We can deal with a lot of clients and provide them with quality services with our customer representatives. Think of the difference between any local restaurant and a multinational chain and that’s the same difference with us and independent escorts.


This is probably one of the biggest points of difference between independent escorts and escort agencies. Independent escorts are just a single person and we cannot expect variety in that regard. Escort agencies recruit multiple escorts for all they are different categories of services.  There are upscale escorts and basic escorts and special girlfriend experience (GFE) escorts and mature escorts and much more. The difference in variety is huge between escort agencies and independent escorts. Independent escorts cannot provide a lot of services and experiences. On the other hand, agencies have entire charts for clients to choose between different kinds of experiences and services. Clients might choose between kinky experiences, roleplay experiences of different types or any other kind of experience they like. Escort agencies have multiple kinds of services to match the requirements of the client. Escort agencies can recommend specific escorts depending on the client’s preference. Independent escorts are just a single person and they do what they do best at the capacity of a single individual.


When it comes to customer support you cannot expect it from an independent escort. An independent escort will not run a customer representative department. They will not have trained customer representatives to deal with the complaints of customers. However, when we talk about escort agencies, they are not only capable but equipped to do so. Escort agencies such as ours have entire departments dedicated to making sure customers do not have any problems. We operate simple call communication lines that help clients reach directly to the customer representative. They can hire escorts and they can even reschedule appointments.  That is why when it comes to customer support there is simply no comparison between independent escorts and escort agencies. Escort agencies operate like any other company with a customer service department.

We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand the differences between independent escorts and escort agencies. And we hope you have understood the fact that escort agencies are far better when it comes to services, professionalism and security as well as privacy.

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