Anal Sex

Sex is fun but what’s even more fun is anal sex so today we are going to talk about tips and how to have anal sex without pain. This is something that has been asked by a lot of couples on how to have painless anal sex and it is rather quite simple.


But, does anal sex hurt?


Anal sex should not hurt if you are doing it correctly but the main problem faced by couples is a misconception that anal sex is similar to regular vaginal sex. While that may be true in times of pleasure but it is not true in terms of how things work.


The vagina is naturally lubricated and the body produces natural lube so as to keep things smooth but anal sex is different because the anus does not produce natural lube and that is why lube is one of the first things you must understand if you want to know how to make anal sex not hurt.


There are dozens of anal lube options in the market and while we are not going to suggest any lube options, what we are going to do is talk about things you need to know before you have anal sex.






One of the most important things that people tend to forget during sex is communication because sex is something that can be done pleasurably if there is good coordination and communication between you and your partner.


Having painful sex is never something pleasurable and that is why you need to have a partner who is understanding and understands your limits as well as any problems you might be facing during sex or anal sex. If you can solve this issue then you are going to have a very smooth and pleasurable experience.




While we can tell you a lot of tips about technique and speed but this is a suggestion that is going to solve most of your problems during anal sex and that is lubrication. While we have talked a bit about why this is the case in the introduction, let us tell you why lubrication is important during anal sex.


Your body is not naturally lubricated because there is no need to remove friction except the only part which is actually lubricated is the vagina, which is why your anus is also not naturally lubricated to the extent which is necessary for sex. That is why you should always use more than a sufficient amount of lubricant.


You should choose a lubricant that is suited to your skin and that is specially created for anal sex because there might be variations when it comes to lube for vaginal sex and anal sex. You must not be shy while using lubricants and the more you use the better experience you are going to have.




Well first of all this is not a race in which you need to be the quickest and if you want to be the quickest then you are also going to lose your stamina the quickest and that is why it is always the best thing to start slow and gentle during anal sex.


You can utilise butt plugs and other toys to make sure that will make sure tension of the anus is reduced so that it is not tight and then ask your partner to start slow and steady, if the anus muscles relax then they can gradually speed things up. But if you want a painless experience, it is better to start things slow and move up from there.




You must try new techniques and practice them whenever you are having anal sex. This is because these new techniques might actually give you more pleasure and it might also mean you do not feel pain or your pain might reduce with a different technique.


You can find a lot of online blogs and tutorial videos which will help you find out new techniques and you can watch these videos with your partner and try new techniques because you might never know how good something is before not trying it.


And the last point is actually not a point because this is something that is even more important than a point. If you still feel pain even after utilising all the above techniques and much more then you should stop anal sex immediately and consult a doctor because they are might be some other issue like any infection that needs medical attention.


Anal sex is not supposed to hurt if done correctly and you should aim towards doing it correctly and you should have pleasure rather than pain.


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