Today we are going to explore the topic of mutual masturbation because it is one of the least spoken topics on the types of masturbation and there is very little content about it.


We are going to help you understand why mutual masturbation is not only beneficial in terms of health benefits but it is also one of the best ways of experiencing pleasure together with your partner.


Before we do that, let us understand what is mutual masturbation.


What Is Mutual Masturbation?


Let us not beat around the bush because mutual masturbation is simply when you masturbate together with your partner.


You can do it in a lot of ways and most commonly it is when you masturbate yourself and your partner masturbates beside you.


You can also consider mutual masturbation as helping your partner with masturbating and your partner doing it to you, although some only consider self-stimulation as mutual masturbation.


You can add sex toys into the mix and you can do all kinds of sexual exploration and try out different fantasies and explore foreplay like never before.


Mutual masturbation is all about relationship bonding and it is excellent for couple communication and so much more.



So, now that we know what is mutual masturbation, let us understand the 5 benefits of mutual masturbation.



5 Reasons Why Mutual Masturbation Is the Best


1. Strong Couple Communication


One of the foundations of a good relationship is communication and if you want to have the best communication with your partner then mutual masturbation is a good option.


This is because if you can communicate with your partner during the most intimate moments then you can communicate with them in the most difficult situations as well.


Mutual masturbation is all about communication and understanding the needs of your partner and trying to fulfil them to the best of your abilities.



And since you are able to communicate with your partner during mutual masturbation you will be able to have excellent communication with your partner even during sex.


Better communication during sex will give you the extra confidence that will make you last longer in bed because you will be able to communicate yourself better with your partner.


Mutual masturbation initiates that kind of intimate conversation and communication in the best way possible even if intimacy is different for men and women.


2. The Safest Type of Pleasure


If you want to have the safest kind of sexual pleasure and you do not want to use any contraceptives or condoms then mutual masturbation is the best way to do it.


This is because you are playing with yourself and your partner is playing with themselves. You might be playing with your partner and your partner might be playing with you.


But there is no contact of genitals which means you can maintain the best kind of sexual health without actually having intercourse.


Mutual masturbation is safe for everyone because it is safe for disabled people and it is safe for people with an injury as they can still engage with their partner and mutual masturbation is the only way to do so.


3. It Is Self-Discovery at Its Finest


A person can only have self-discovery if they are in a vulnerable situation but they try to make the best out of it. That is exactly the case with mutual masturbation.


When you are masturbating, you are completely immersed in yourself and if you do solo masturbation whether you are a woman or man, you do not worry about anything in the world.


But imagine masturbating with your partner because you need to be your true self so that you can feel pleasure but you also have your partner beside you.


This will help you have a very educational experience where you can be vulnerable and not maintain appearances and also be the truest of yourself and have pleasure at the same time.


This is because masturbation is a very personal activity but if you are ready for that level of self-discovery with your partner then it will dramatically improve your relationship confidence.


One of the other benefits of mutual masturbation is that it makes self-pleasure much more acceptable.


4. Knowledge Of the Highest Order


If you really love your partner and you want to satisfy your partner then the best way to do it is to learn from your partner.


We understand our own needs and wants the best and if you want to understand how to satisfy your partner then you need to see how your partner masturbates and satisfies themselves.


You will understand what kind of techniques your partner likes and you will also understand the motion and the speed and duration and so much more.


This will make you an expert at understanding your partner so that the next time you try out foreplay you know exactly how to turn on your partner and make them reach climax.


This is indeed a very educational and eye-opening experience and the fact that it is safe sex gives it extra points.


5. It Is Genuinely Fun


Let us move on from the philosophical points about self-discovery and sexual exploration and just talk about how fun it is because mutual masturbation is one of the sexiest things to do.


The thing about sex is that when you are having sex it is very difficult to focus on your partner and make sure that they are also having the same level of fun.


But with mutual masturbation, you are going to be sure that your partner is also having fun without the pressure of being responsible for their pleasure.


There are so many things you can do during mutual masturbation and you can utilise sex toys and different techniques and try out every kink and wild fantasy you have.


You can research the topic and find out the new techniques and you can surprise your partner with new techniques every day.




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