It is actually quite safe to meet independent escorts provided you take care of a few precautions and safety measures that will ensure that you are not scammed and that you do not face any other problems. These precautions are not only just for hiring escorts in Goa but they can be applied to any city in the world.

This is because there is no accountability or guarantee of personal safety when you are hiring independent escorts and escort services instead of hiring escorts from escort agencies. This is because when you hire from an agency the agency takes responsibility for your safety and they also ensure screening escorts so that the escorts are hygienic and also honest.

The escort agency also has a name to maintain along with a business reputation to uphold because that is their business and meeting escorts like that is completely safe whether you do it directly or by online bookings. However, when you meet independent escorts there is not the possibility of background checks because they are not under any agency to do the checks.

There is also no place for escort reviews and feedback as they work independently and it is hard to come by any reviews for someone not under an organisation especially because there is no place online to post reviews about them and also because of the fact that escorts use pseudonyms.

Having said that, let us know how to meet independent escorts in Goa safely and privately and let us understand the key to communication with escorts who are independent.



While there is not much you can do if you are meeting an independent escort but one of the safe ways to meet independent escorts in Goa is to do as much background research as possible and this research can be in the form of asking around friends and people who have given you the reference.

If you have found out about the girl online then you must text a few of her friends in her friend list or a few people who follow her in order to get to know a little bit more about the escort. You do not have to do any high-level research but only just a little bit of research so that you can have an idea about the situation. You must also make sure to do research about the place where she invites you and you must tell your friends or close ones about the hotel that you are going to and you must also ask the hotel staff questions.


One of the best ways of making sure you are safe is to have proper communication with the escort girl and when you are communicating with them you must communicate in a professional and serious way to let them know that you are not joking around and that you are serious about the appointment.

You must also clear up everything right from the payment to the date and place you are about to meet them and it is even better if you tell them to come to a place of your choosing it might be your hotel room or it might be the place where you stay but a hotel room is the better option.


While there is no standard rule among escorts but there are certain things that you must understand and it is that some escorts are not comfortable with pictures of intimate moments and that is why you must always ask them if you want to have pictures of them. You must also tell them explicitly that you do not prefer them to take pictures of you.

You must also make sure never to share any information about your personal life or professional life with the escort because it might be something that scammers may use against you later on. This is one of the simplest ways to stay safe and it is to ensure that you do not give away too much information to the independent escort.


One of the most important things that you should keep in mind when you are meeting independent escorts is to understand that they are professionals and that they are just providing you with a service. You must respect their boundaries and you must always ask them for consent before doing anything and being intimate with them.

They are also humans and you must understand their boundaries and you must not overstep boundaries because doing that will not only make the escort girl comfortable but will be an overall bad experience for you as well. That is why in order to receive the respect you must also be able to give respect.

If you keep in mind all these things then you might have the chance of being safe and private when you are meeting independent escorts but there is still a chance that you are not meeting a genuine escort but a scammer because scammers are very prevalent in this industry.

That is why the only safe alternative is to hire an escort from an agency that has a name and reputation to uphold because they will not cheat you and if you are hiring from an agency then they are accountable for your safety and privacy just like we are at Sanjana Kour escort services Goa.

We are the premium escort agency in Goa with the best safety and security practices along with one of the best selections of escorts so that you might find the perfect kind of escort for yourself. We do everything legally and we never keep records that can identify our clients. We welcome you to try out our services and we are sure you are going to have an amazing time in Goa.

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