Today we are going to talk about something that is often asked by our female readers and it is how to masturbate and a simple but effective guide to female masturbation.


This blog is going to help you with the best masturbation tips so that you can have a very fun time with yourself and do it safely and comfortably.


So let us look at the tips for solo play for women as we talk about how to masturbate, however, our male audience should not be worried as we are also going to come up with a guide to male masturbation soon and for that, you have to stay tuned to our blogs.


This blog is also for the male audience since men do not have a lot of ideas about how females masturbate and that is why this is also a very educational blog for them.






One of the most important things you should do when you plan on masturbating is to find a quiet and private space which is also comfortable. It is ideal to find a bed or if you want to go all the way when it comes to masturbation you can even do that in your bathtub, however, you can choose any place that you are comfortable with.


You must make sure that you do not have any work pending because if you have work that needs to be done then you cannot focus on masturbation and you cannot be comfortable and that is why you must have enough time to enjoy.




This is the stage where we tell you that you must have something that is going to inspire you to get horny because while imagination might be ok at times but you cannot go far with imagination and you will need some other inspiration to go about it.


There is a wide selection of things you can see or hear online from specially created online adult entertainment that has been created for female masturbation to erotic comics or erotic audiobooks. You can even try adult entertainment videos where there is only voice and no video so that you can completely focus on yourself and use a little bit of imagination as well.




Now that you are comfortable and in a private place with a lot of time and with material that is going to get you horny and aroused, it is time to start playing with your body and it is time to explore your body. This is something you should do on your own because every person has different ways of getting turned on.


Some people might find the clitoris the most pleasurable experience and some people mind find playing with the nipples a good turn on and other people might find a combination of things that gets them turned on. You must try experimenting and take deep breaths and start slow and gently and just get into the mood.




While there are a lot of things you can do you can start by rubbing your clitoris in cyclic motions and you can try different kinds of rubbing techniques but you must start gently and you must pick up the speed gently. The thing about this is that if you start vigorously then you are not going to find it to be effective because female orgasm works in stages.


You must therefore start gently and get the rubbing going as you like it and you can watch all the interesting material while you do with. You can even find even give you instructions on what to do so that it feels like you are doing it with someone. You can even try rubbing the u-spot, go on google and find out where it is.




As you get even more aroused with the rubbing, it is now time to start using your fingers and using them in your pussy. You must not do it with nails and you must be careful so that you do not hurt your vagina walls. It is a good thing to use lube.


Once you start feeling good you can use something bigger and by that we do not mean any random objects but dildos and certified sex toys. These sex toys can come in multiple shapes and multiple features such as pulse vibration mode and regular vibration mode and much more.  Once you start using toys it will be a magical experience. You can also keep the rubbing going on while you are using your toy.




You have multiple erogenous zones, these are zones that will also turn you on and help you with your masturbation and these are sensitive zones. You can have these zones anywhere but typically people find pleasure when they are masturbating and playing with their nipples or lips or inner thighs.


Discover your perfect erogenous zone and play with it and play with any area of your body which makes you happy because no matter how much we instruct you it is up to you to find your pleasure.


You must also always maintain hygiene when it comes to masturbation and you must make sure that your hands are clean and that your toys are clean so that there is no chance of infection and you can even use a vaginal wash after masturbation.


We hope you have an amazing time and if you are not a female and if you are a man who is trying to understand how female orgasm works because you are a passionate and adventurous individual who likes spending time with beautiful women then we have something even more amazing for you.


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