If you are a man and you are just not getting the enjoyment out of masturbation anymore then this blog is for you.

This is because we bring you some best-kept secrets when it comes to male masturbation because these are going to be the best secret masturbation tips for men.

This blog will help you rethink masturbation and help you feel the same sensation that you felt for the first time when you took it out and gave it a go.

Some of these tips might be easy for you and others might be a little difficult because of the things involved in the techniques.

However, we can assure you that you are definitely going to find something in this blog that you can actually try out and have the best kind of fun yourself.

So, next time when your wife or girlfriend leaves for work, you know how to be self-dependent and have the best time of your life.

Let’s check out these fun, naughty and secret tips without any delay.

Best Kept Secret Masturbation Tips for The Ultimate Fun

Try New Positions

The simplest thing you can do to improve your masturbation sensation by a lot is to simply change positions.

When we say change positions, we do not just mean that you have to change the position that you are masturbating in but we also mean that you can change hands.

The reason for this is that when we do something a lot, we become desensitised to that feeling and that feeling becomes very normal.

That is why if you start masturbating with another hand then it will feel like someone else is doing it for you for the first time.

You can improve that sensation by wearing gloves or even holding a t-shirt and masturbating with that.

The entire reason for this is that you need to change the sensation and of course, along with that you also need to change the position you masturbate in.

For example, if you sit and masturbate then you should try lying down and doing it for the first time or you can even stand and do it.

A new position also means a new location because you might feel different if you masturbate in a different room and it is all about bringing in new sensations.

Try Using Lube

Masturbation should be comfortable and it should not be something that you do very quickly because if you do not have the patience to masturbate and if you do it quickly then you can get hurt.

This is because while the vagina produces natural lubrication, your penis does not produce natural lubrication because the little precum that it produces is not enough for masturbation.

And if you do it quickly without enough lubrication then it will produce friction and it can even hurt you a lot.

That is why you need to use lubrication. You do not need something expensive like a good brand of lube.

You can use something as natural as coconut oil or if you stay in a colder climate where coconut oil will freeze up, you can use regular olive oil.

However, if you are using something natural then you must keep in mind that it is food-grade without any chemicals because that might produce a bad reaction.

Discover The Fleshlight

If you want to have the best kind of experience as well as the most authentic and real feeling experience during masturbation then you need to discover something called the fleshlight.

It looks like a flashlight but it is hollow inside. It’s a container with a soft silicone lining inside. It is designed to mimic the insides of a vagina.

You can get a basic one quite cheaply however if you really like it then you can even get a designer one made to the specifications of the vaginas of popular X-stars and celebrities.

Some fleshlights even have vibrating actions and a container for lube and some are even designed like something discreet like a water bottle for easy concealment.

The possibilities are endless if you get something like that for yourself.

A Vibrator Ring Is Magic

If you feel like the fleshlight is too big to conceal at your home and you want something small then there is a thing called the cock ring

It is the most affordable electric sex toy for a man and you can even get it without the vibrating action as it will just be a rubber ring.

The thing about this is that it is going to help you last longer and it will help you feel stronger and you will feel even more sensations.

If you combine that with a different position then you are going to feel pleasure like you have never felt before.

The best part about it is that you can hide it anywhere because it is so small.

Try to Keep Things in Longer

If you are hearing the term edging for the first time then you are in for a treat because edging will open up a whole new world of pleasure for you.

Edging is masturbating for a long duration of time. It’s not a quickie that is over in 10mins. Edging can go on for hours.

It is basically masturbation but instead of cumming after reaching climax, edging is when you suddenly stop masturbating just before climax and pause for a while and start all over again.

It may not be that easy for the first few times but if you can master it then you are in for the treat because it will give you a different level of sensation.

Don’t Forget the Balls

If you are not involving your balls during masturbation then you are missing out on so much because masturbation is about sensation.

It is about feeling sexy and feeling a lot of touch and a lot of pleasure and your balls have some of the largest collection of nerve endings.

This means it is one of the most sensitive areas in your body. You should not deprive that sensitive region of your body.

If you want to involve your balls then all you need to do is masturbate with one hand and keep playing with your balls with the other hand.

Everyone has a different technique and we hope you find your own technique to feel the best pleasure possible.

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