Today we are going to talk about how to overcome jealousy in a relationship and this is a very important topic because this is quite a common occurrence between couples no matter if it is a long-standing relationship or if it is a recent relationship.


The most common question that couples have is how to deal with jealousy in a relationship because sometimes things can get very difficult for couples who can feel that their partner is being jealous towards them and the worst thing is that they feel helpless.


That is why we are going to talk about all the different reasons for jealousy to occur and we will also talk about the ways to stop jealousy in a relationship because if you know the answer to where jealousy come from, you can also handle a jealous partner easily.


So, let us look at the common causes of jealousy.






While jealousy can be a very real thing and feeling it can be a very painful emotion but sometimes it might just be the case that you have the wrong assumption.


Now imagine suspecting your partner of being jealous of you and then finding out that they were not jealous of you. That would be terrible.


Now imagine the scenario that you are in the place of your partner and you are being jealous of your partner due to some reason which might be very simple.


In that case, you should simply get hold of your emotions and give them a break and think about it logically because every decision taken through emotions is not logically sound and no matter what kind of decision you take you must take it by thinking about it logically.




Although you should hold back yourself before taking any decision but if you hold back and then think about it logically and connect all the dots and find out that your partner is actually jealous of you then your instincts might be right.


Sometimes all it takes is guesswork because if someone is actually jealous of you then you can feel that in their actions and in this case actions speak louder than words.


They might not be happy with your success and they might be questioning all your decisions and they might not be happy with you being happy.


If that is the case then you should simply sit down with your partner and ask them what is the problem in a very understanding way so that it does not feel like you are confronting them.




If you feel like you are right about the assumption that your partner might be jealous of you and if you feel like no matter what you do they are still jealous of you then there is only one solution left.


It is to sit down and communicate with your partner and this is also the same solution if you are jealous of your partner.


Communication and conversation have the power to move mountains because jealousy is but a small problem as communication can solve nearly anything and that is why you should simply sit down with your partner and talk about what is happening silently between you and your partner.


This will also give them a lot of perspective about your mind and also help you speak out what you have to say.




If you still feel like that conversation is not doing anything to improve the situation then you must take it to another level which is to consult someone who is a professional.


You should not just randomly go to any mutual friend of yours and your partner and ask them to talk about this between the three of you because that will be putting out your dirty laundry into the world and it would not be proper.


And the responsible thing would be to consult a professional who is a relationship advisor and deals with situations just like this because this will not only makes sure that you will get the proper solutions but this will also help you get an overview of the situation from the perspective of an expert.




While it is important to try out all these steps that we have mentioned but there is something that is even more important and that you should definitely do.


Sometimes jealousy is born out of impossible expectations and expectations are the root of all evil and that is why you should do some self-reflection in order to understand whether you are the person who is wrong in the situation.


Other times you might feel jealousy because you might feel that your partner is much more successful and happy than you and leads a lot more stress-reducing lifestyle than you.


If you can realise this problem then you are already halfway towards the solution because that will help you take positive steps in order to change the situation. Perhaps you might do something in your career as well or perhaps you might appreciate your partner even more for their hard work and not be jealous.


We hope this blog has helped you get a perspective on jealousy and we hope that you are able to overcome jealousy. However, if you are someone who has already gotten out of that relationship and is looking for future relationships then there is an excellent option for you in between relationships.


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