Today we are going to talk about intimacy and how it is different for men and women and we are going to do this by looking at all the ways and the needs by which men and women feel intimacy.


This will allow you to have a very good dynamic view of the different needs and desires of both men and women and how they are different.


So, let us start by looking at the intimacy needs of men.






Male intimacy is quite simple and the need for intimacy by men is also quite simple because it is not very nuanced as compared to the female desire for intimacy because there is a simple difference.


Men have intimacy needs that need to be on visible display because that is the easiest way for men to feel intimacy.


They do not need complex actions or complex sets of emotional actions but they need an outward show of affection. If that intimacy is physical intimacy, then they need that to be outwardly displayed as well.


This is because the male and female psyche works differently and the mail psyche works on display and materialism and that is an affirmation of intimacy.




Just as with any display of intimacy, physical needs are different when it comes to men because men associate intimacy with the fulfilment of physical needs and that is why men have a different kind of sexual drive from women.


That is exactly why physical intimacy is one of the most important needs of men and if that need is fulfilled then you are nearly halfway successful in meeting their intimacy needs.




Men desire respect and respect is one of the most important things that is required when it comes to male intimacy because no matter how their partner might be intimate with them if their partner does not include respect in that equation then all other intimacy ideas can fail.


That is why when it comes to men it is important to respect their ego and also make sure not to hurt their ego and that is how you can be intimate with men and take care of their intimacy.






When it comes to women you must understand that it is not just about outwardly display of intimacy but it is about all the small and tiny emotional details that you need to take care of.


It might seem complex and difficult from a male perspective but you must make sure to cover all ends in order to make sure that your intimacy is 100%. Women need men who can think about their emotional needs and if you are emotionally available then that can do half the job already and you can be very intimate with them.




Women perceive intimacy differently from men because when it comes to women language plays a very important part in intimacy and that is why it is not just enough to display outwardly acts of intimacy but it is important to be intimate with them by being a good listener.


Women love to be heard and you must simply make sure that you are emotionally available to be a good listener and a stable platform for them to express themselves. It should not be all about yourself and it should be about your female partner.




Women want someone who loves them but that can be a temporary attraction, what women actually want is someone who is a stable rock for them to function. One of the things that you can do in order to be intimate with your female partner is to simply be more responsible and that includes not only doing your work but helping out in her work as well.


Women have a few roles that they are very good at and one of the roles is being a mother, as a man, you can try and help them out as much as possible with the child and that is something very responsible and that will definitely bring out the love and affection and intimacy of your partner.


We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand the different intimacy needs of men and women and we hope you are able to understand and be more intimate with your partner after reading this blog.


It’s all in the details because if you can manage to notice the details and love your partner in a detailed and complete way by understanding them then your intimacy is complete no matter if you are a man or a woman.


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