Do you want to be the ultimate lover to your wife or girlfriend then this blog is for you because we are going to help you unlock paradise for your girl.

The best way to give your partner a memorable experience is to get her wet and squirting and begging for more.

That is why we will help you understand some of the best techniques that will help you make her pussy wet every time you play with her.

We love our readers and that is why we have brought together a list of some of the finest and easiest as well as most effective techniques to make girls squirt.

If you do not know what is squirting then here is a little bit of definition for you. If you know that she can get wet then imagine she is getting so wet that she is just squirting her cum all over like a fountain.

That is exactly what will happen to her if you do the things mentioned in this blog. Give your girl a magical experience today.

Best Techniques to Get Her Squirting

Take A Lot of Time

If you want to see her cum like a fountain then you also need the time for it because it is a game of patience.

One of the biggest obstructions to squirting and having a good time is stress as well as anxiety and depression and things like that.

Your partner might be facing a lot of work pressure and she might have a lot of things in mind but if she has that in my then her mind is simply not going to be capable of squirting.

That is why you both have to manage time out for this one activity and only then you can try and attempt to make her squirt like a fountain.

Use A Lot of Lube

The second thing to understand here is that the natural lubrication of the vagina is enough during regular sex.

However, if you want to do oral sex then the vagina’s natural lubrication will simply dry out and that is why you need lube.

If you are planning on constantly rubbing her clitoris and fingering her then you need to pour in a copious amount of lube so that there is never an issue of friction.

This is because if you plan on making her squirt then friction can simply end that experience because she will experience sharp uncomfortable pain if her vagina is dry.

That is why you can use any kind of lube you want and you can even use oil if she likes it but you must keep in mind that she is not allergic to it.

Use Vibrating Sex Toys

The third technique is definitely going to be using sex toys because you can only do so much and you can only stimulate her so much because your fingers will not be able to vibrate.

That is when you need a sex toy to assist yourself. You can use the sex toy any way you like because you can use your fingers in her vagina and you can use the sex toy on her clit.

You can also use the sex toy in her vagina while you use your tongue on her clitoris for the best kind of effect.

Or you can even become a technology champion and use more than one dildo on her and use a vibrating sex toy on her clitoris.

It all depends on how much pleasure you want to give her.

Try Both Anal and Oral

While some people might not like anal sex but anal is one of the most stimulative forms of sex and if you ask her to clean herself properly then it is going to be a fantastic experience.

In order to have anal fun as well as oral fun, you need to make sure to use more than one sex toy and all you need to do is to stick a vibrating sex toy in her asshole and then use the other one in her vagina.

You can then use the third one on her clitoris and you will have a 360-degree coverage so that the only option for her to escape this situation is to squirt like a waterfall for her champion in bed.

You can also try doing it with sex toys that have two phalluses and that can also work because having multiple vibrating sex toys can become expensive.

Attack Her G-Spot

If you want to unlock her pleasure cheat code in this game of squirting then you need to understand what is the g-spot.

The g-spot is usually present on the front upper side of the vagina and you can even feel it as a little kind of button or rough skin that you can play with.

While it is prominent in some vaginas but it is hard to detect in other vaginas.

However, if you can understand where it is and if you can create a plan on how to play with it then that is the magic button that will get her to squirt.

You can rub it and you can squeeze it and you can do all kinds of motions with your fingers on it and it will unlock her pleasure like nothing else.

The thing about pleasure is that a lot of it depends on sexual education and that is also the case for this kind of a thing to be successful. You need to read a little bit and do a little bit of research.

And if you do not want to try out any kind of technique and if you do not want to use any kind of sex toys or any kind of other spots then this is the one solution for you.

The clitoris is enough for her to squirt because if you start playing with it and if you start stimulating it correctly then it will unlock heaven for your partner.

However, we would suggest you to not just play with the clitoris but also play with her vagina and her vulva and everything else.

We hope this blog gives you the best kind of ideas on how to make your partner squirt in the best way possible and give her the most memorable experience.

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