Are you someone adventurous and passionate? Do you like to spend time with some of the hottest and sexiest escorts in Goa? Do you have a really good bonding and friendship with these beautiful women?  Then this blog is for you because we are going to help you impress your escort. We are going to tell you what you should gift them. And we will tell you the best gift ideas not just for your escort but for your companion and partner.


These gift ideas are universal and everyone can benefit from these ideas. However, you might want to customise a little bit depending on the person you are with. This is because you understand and know their preferences better than we do. Speaking of preferences, if you only preferred the best escort agency in Goa then you cannot go wrong with Sanjana Kour escorts Goa.


So, let us look at these amazing ideas together.






We are starting the list with something that can never go wrong. Women love flowers and this is a universally accepted fact. Before you meet your beautiful escort companion, simply order some flowers. If you are in a hotel room then the hotel will take care of it upon request. If you are someplace else then you can order flowers online through various services. If you want an even more personal touch then you can pick up some flowers yourself. Speaking of flowers, never gift them artificial flowers. They might same cheaper but they will do more damage than good. Roses are a good option; although you can also try a few local varieties. If you are hiring a Russian escort, try a few chamomiles and tulips in the bouquet too. This will be a very special and personal touch for someone Russian.




If you know the escort very well, then we have a few amazing ideas you can try. If you know their hobbies then you can always gift something related to that. Perhaps your escort is a talented artist, then you can gift them with art supplies. If they are a singer then you can gift them a mic set etc. If they are a dancer then you can gift them dancing shoes. It is all about understanding the likes and dislikes of your beautiful companion. The more personal touch you show and the more thoughtfulness you show the better it is. You simply have to show them that you understand them and appreciate them.




If you are someone passionate and likes to do a lot of fun kinky things with your escorts then this is for you. The best sensual gift you can give them is to make them feel sexy. Lingerie is an amazing gift. You can choose between multiple types of lingerie such as lace lingerie etc. You can give them kinky fun sets of toys. These sets have multiple things like scented candles, lube, dildos, fur handcuffs, massage oils etc. You can also give them bath sets. These sets have things like shower gels, bath bombs, essential oils etc. If they are visiting you in a hotel, you can surprise her. Tell the hotel staff to arrange the bathtub romantically with things like candles and rose petals.




If you are all about the experience then here are a few amazing ideas for you. You can plan a surprise tour package with her. You can take her to the mountains or you can take her to a romantic resort in a rainforest. If you like culture then you can take her on a village tour experience. There are thousands of places where you can visit like this so that you can create new experiences with your special companion. There is a little bit of planning involved compared to the other ideas but this is probably the best thing you can do. However, the surprise factor is important. You simply need to hire her for the duration of your romantic getaway. Then you must invite her to a regular location where you usually meet her. And then surprise her. There is so much potential in this gift that she will remember it forever. Additionally, you can surprise her with a tour of a place she really likes. Perhaps she likes mountains, you can gift her a tour of a hill station and a romantic stay at a wooden cottage. When it comes to experience, it doesn’t always have to be a tour, you can take her on a romantic dinner or an IPL match or even a movie. The possibilities are endless.




Apart from all these ideas, there are thousands of other gifts that you can give her. These gifts will be a combination of your preferences and her likes. Perhaps your escort likes to wear new outfits and that is where you can give her something that you really like. You can also gift her jewellery but you must always think about your pocket before you gift someone jewellery. You can gift her tech gadgets like smartphones, smartwatches, tabs etc. You can also gift her something for her pets. If you are passionate about something then you can gift your escort something related to that. Perhaps you are a violinist, then you can gift special tickets to your show. Perhaps you are a famous actor then you can invite her to your movie premiere. If you are an artist then you can give her customised earrings. If she is someone very health conscious then you can gift her exotic fruits and healthy organic snacks etc. The key is to understand her mind and gift accordingly.


We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand what to gift your favourite escort. However, we all can agree that the best gift you can give her is love and respect and care and understanding. And if you are someone who likes to hire only the best and the finest escorts in Goa then we are here for you.


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