Today we are not going to talk about any VIP escort service or any regular escort service, we are going to talk about an escort service that is rare and only provided by a select few escort agencies like us.


This kind of escort service is rare and slowly but surely becoming one of the most popular services because there is a lot of skill required in order to fulfil the request that this service needs but the experience is second to none.


We are of course talking about the girlfriend experience (GFE) escort service.





The GFE escort service is different from any other kind of escort service primarily for a few reasons and one of the most important reasons is that this is not just companionship.


Any escort will provide you companionship and will go on a date with you without trying too hard to make the moment enjoyable and pleasurable with you.


That will be the standard is good service but what differentiates it from the girlfriend experience (GFE) escort service is that you are basically hiring yourself a girlfriend.


This will make it extremely easy for you to understand that having a random date with someone is different from having a date with your girlfriend and that is exactly what this kind of service provides.


There will be a lot more intimacy and a lot more body language and the escort will have to be specially trained and especially skilled in order to make the moment with you so comfortable and amazing that she will feel like your girlfriend.


This kind of experience is not a standard service and most of the time it’s an add-on but we at Sanjana Kour escort services offer it as a standard service as well as an add-on.





This is the kind of service that only the most passionate and the most adventurous people know about because buying girlfriend experience and having the best girlfriend experience provider is rare simply because there are many escort agencies that will promise you that but will not deliver the perfect escort for you.


It is a super special service to have a GFE meaning the escort will have to work twice as hard in order to make you feel comfortable and make you feel like they are your girlfriend and that is only possible with a premium and pioneer escort services agency like ours at Sanjana Kour escort services Goa.


Not many people know about this service but we can guarantee you that the popularity of this service is on the rise because once someone books this service then that is the only service that they avail again and again.


This is because of the amazing time that they have with us and most say that it is very much similar to a real-life girlfriend experience.




Everyone can have their own personal reasons but a few of the most important reasons why this kind of service is so popular is because of a few primary reasons.


  • Firstly, this can help with feelings of loneliness that any regular escort service cannot fulfil because men are complex creatures and they want companionship and not just simple escort services.


They want the escort experience to be as real as possible to have a beautiful female friend in their life and that is why this kind of service blurs the lines between service and real life.


  • The second most important reason why GFE escorts are important to men is that men like to be in a relationship and they like everything that comes with it but getting into a relationship and maintaining that relationship is a lot of work that requires careful timing and work which high performing men and adventurous men like our clients do not like.


It is because our clients are the top individuals in society just like you who simply do not have the time to cultivate a relationship with a girlfriend but then again there are situations when they require a girlfriend like experience and that is exactly why this kind of service is quite helpful to them.


  • And thirdly, this kind of service brings all the positives of having a girlfriend without all the negative and all the strings attached, this girlfriend is good and will not ask you if you are cheating and will not suspect you, there will be no quarrels and misunderstandings.



We hope this blog has been helpful to you in order to understand the girlfriend experience (GFE) service that is slowly but surely becoming one of the most popular escort services in Goa.


We hope to provide you with the best GFE escort services in Goa simply because we are Sanjana Kour escort services in Goa, one of the most popular and well-regarded escort services in Goa.


Apart from this kind of service we provide nearly every other kind of escort service and even services where we arrange the entire venue for you to spend an amazing time with your beautiful female friend.


We have some of the most skilled and beautiful women as our escorts and we will make sure that they please you with their charms. We welcome you to check out our services.

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