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Foursomes are always fun but imagine the level of fun you can have if you can have foursomes with high-class escorts because that is exactly what we are going to talk about today.

We are going to talk about a few important things that you should always keep in mind when you hire 3 high-class escorts and have a foursome with them.

We will talk about important safety tips and we will talk about how you can get passionate and erotic and also stay safe and do the foursome properly.

While this might not be for everyone but if you are someone who is very passionate and likes to hire escorts regularly and wants to have fun with more than one high-class escort then this is perfect for you.

While it might be more expensive than a regular escort booking but it will definitely be an experience that you are going to remember forever.

Having said that, let us look at some of the most important things to keep in mind while having a foursome with high-class escorts in Goa.

Foursome With High-Class Escorts – Important Things to Keep in Mind

Make Sure You Have Excellent Communication

Communication is one of the most important things you must keep in mind whenever you are having sex but the importance of communication becomes even more crucial when you want to have a foursome.

This is because when you have to sexually manage three women who happen to be high-class escorts, you need to do stuff properly and you need to have proper communication between everyone.

Comfort is a big factor when it comes to having a foursome and that is why if you do not have proper communication then all of you cannot simply enjoy the time.

That is why you should ensure that there are safe words and it is even better if you hire escorts that you are familiar with.

This is a simple way to make sure that you already have established good communication and friendship with them and you can bring all of them together and have an amazing time.

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

The thing about wild sex is that when things get very passionate people can get hurt as well and they can bump their head into something or fall down or something else can happen.

Now imagine having sex with three highly skilled and highly passionate high-class escorts and you can imagine the level of passion in the room.

That is why you must always keep your surroundings in mind and make sure that you do not perform this on anything smaller than a king-size bed.

The other thing you must keep in mind is that the room should not have a lot of delicate glassware or delicate surroundings that might come in the way of your foursome.

You must also make sure that the escorts are comfortable and that they understand their safety and your safety and that is why it is important to hire escorts from a reputable escort agency.

Understand And Respect Boundaries

Not every escort is the same and every escort might have their own likes and dislikes and preferences.

It definitely helps if you already know the escorts and have been with them so that you understand what they like or dislike.

But if you have never been with them and this is your first time together then a simple thing to do would be to individually ask each escort what they are into.

That is why you should ask them to come in advance so that you can all sit down and have a little bit of a talk together. This has to be sincere and honest talk so that you can understand each other’s likes and preferences.

This will help you understand if any escort dislikes something like anal or if an escort likes something.

You should only do the things that everyone enjoys and that is how you are going to have a good time.

Having a foursome is teamwork and it is not just having individual fun and that is why when you consider everyone in the room only then you can have the best experience.

Before And After the Foursome

A foursome is no ordinary feat. That is why you must also make sure that your preparation for the foursome is nothing like ordinary sex.

This means if you want to have the best time you should try to conserve your energy and eat well. The healthier and more fit you are the better you will be able to utilise the moment.

You can also do your individual research and we do not mean adult videos but genuine blogs on the topic so that you get a better idea if you are doing this for the first time.

It is also a good idea to have a healthy lifestyle and to not drink or smoke because drinking and smoking or doing any kind of addictive substances can have a very bad effect on your stamina.

And after you are done with the foursome, you need to make sure to maintain that healthy lifestyle.

It is simple because all you need to do is to stay hydrated and have a lot of sleep and healthy eating practices and you will be ready for another foursome within a few days.

It is also important to not let stress come in the way because the more stressed you are the worse your performance will be.

You must always remember that they are escorts and not someone you need to impress.

That is why when you are having the foursome you need to express yourself and have as much fun as possible rather than trying to impress them with your stamina.

We are sure this dog will definitely help you with your foursome with high-class escorts and we are sure you are going to have a fantastic time with them in Goa.

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