Today we have this interesting blog for you because we are going to talk about flavoured condoms and we will tell you everything you need to know about them.

We will talk about why they are so popular and if they are actually safe for you and most importantly why you should use them.

We are also going to talk about some of the most popular flavours of condoms in India and what flavours you should try out yourself.

So let us start this amazing and fun blog by understanding how flavoured condoms came into being and what is the idea behind flavoured condoms.

This Is Why Flavoured Condoms Were Invented

You might know why regular condoms were invented and it was simply to avoid pregnancies.

There were other reasons for the invention of regular condoms as well and it was to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

So, regular condoms had only two purposes and that were unwanted pregnancy prevention and the prevention of STDs and STIs.

But that was also a time when oral sex was not really very popular and as oral sex started gaining popularity, people realised that sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can spread from oral sex.

That led people to use condoms during oral sex but the experience was very bad simply because condoms only had lube and tasted of nothing.

That is when companies decided to add aroma and flavouring to condoms and these were simple flavours such as fruit flavours.

That is why the primary intention of flavoured condoms is to be used during oral sex but they are also just like regular condoms and can be definitely used for regular sex.

That is why if you go to any pharmacy and ask for condoms, you are most likely going to get flavoured condoms because they have become so popular for people even when they are not having oral sex and just regular sex.

Are People Using Flavoured Condoms for Regular Sex?

Flavoured condoms have become the general-purpose condom and people are using it for oral sex as well as for regular vaginal sex as well.

This is not just because they are available everywhere and not just because they cost the same as regular condoms but there is a reason behind it.

The reason is that when people have sex all their senses are very heightened and that is why when they use flavoured condoms, the aroma of the condom actually enhances their experience.

There is also a reason for it because while condoms can reduce the level of sensitivity during sex but on the other hand the aroma from flavoured condoms can be a good substitute for sensitivity.

However, you must keep in mind to use only those kinds of condoms that do not have a sugar-based lube because sometimes that can lead to an imbalance in the pH of the vagina.

These Are the Most Loved Flavours of Condoms in India

Strawberry Flavour

If we have to talk about condom flavours in India then we have to start with the strawberry flavour because it has become an icon when it comes to condoms.

It was one of the very first flavours of condoms introduced in India and in fact, it is a very international flavour because strawberries are not that common in India.

Add to the fact that it was affordable and had an international taste and had a good flavour in general made it quite popular.

It also helped that pop culture made it even more popular as we can see references to strawberry condoms everywhere from movies to TV series.

It was something exotic and we are not just talking about the fruit strawberry but the entire concept of flavoured condoms and that is why everything added up to make it the most popular flavour of condoms.

Chocolate Flavour

The second most popular flavour after strawberry is definitely the chocolate flavour no matter the brand and no matter the type of condom.

It is a little more complicated and nuanced as a flavour because it is not a fruit flavour. This is because fruit flavours are usually the most common type of flavours used in condoms.

However, if you want to move on from fruit and try something new then this flavour is definitely going to be amazing for you.

And we all know how chocolate is excellent for sex and that is why this aroma will definitely improve your sensation and your experience.

This flavour is so popular in India simply because people find it amusing that you can have a chocolate-flavoured condom.

While this is not even remotely new, it is still amusing to people and people always give it a try and some people actually love it.

Mango Flavour

Now we come back to the theme of fruits and this is a very familiar flavour for Indians and that is why mango did not take much time to become very popular.

However, this is not the most popular flavour simply because strawberry and chocolate are always there on the list as being the most popular.

Still, mango flavour is also very much loved and the fact that it adds a very familiar flavour and smell as well as feel is definitely a reason why Indians love it.

We would suggest you at least give it a try and see if you enjoy it and if you do not enjoy then you can stick to chocolate and strawberry.

Other Flavours

And finally, we have all the other flavours of condoms and they are mostly fruit flavours. Orange is quite popular in India and along with that cherry flavoured condoms are also rising in popularity.

Then we have regional favourites like the lichi flavour condoms and you are also going to find banana flavour condoms.

Then you can find things like green apple as well as bubble gum flavour and then there can be different variations of the chocolate flavoured condom such as Belgian chocolate flavour condoms etc.

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