Today we are going to talk about why you feel lonely in your marriage and we are going to explore all the important causes of loneliness in marriage.


Loneliness in marriage is quite common and it is more common than you think. That is why this blog is important because we are going to understand what are the different reasons for it and how to avoid those reasons which can directly affect you’re feeling lonely in the marriage.


This will also give you an idea of what to do if you’re married but lonely whether it is a long-term relationship or whether it is a very recent marriage.


So, let us find out the reasons.






No matter how much physical proximity you have with your partner if your partner is abusive and if they were intent on emotional abuse or psychological abuse or even physical abuse then that can be a reason for feeling lonely.


This is because if your partner is abusive then there is no way to get close to them truly because the love language is completely shattered as they are always trying to take advantage of you by emotionally blackmailing you into doing things for them.


This is not gender specific and it can happen to anyone and that is why the only cure for this is to get out of that relationship whether it is a marriage or not. It is very difficult to change a person like that who uses abuse as viable means to any problem.




One of the key factors to a healthy relationship is close proximity to your partner and it is the only love language that keeps the relationship healthy no matter how many arguments you might have.


You will have to stay close to your partner so as to develop a relationship that is healthy but if you are too busy with your job and your career then things can take a bad direction.


You might never develop a closeness with your partner because there is no time to develop that and while we understand you might be doing all the hard work for your family and your partner but it does not mean anything when you can’t be there for them.




One of the other reasons why you might feel lonely in your relationship or marriage is simply because you are overly dependent on your partner whether it is for financial reasons or for emotional reasons.


You might think that your loneliness will cure from being overly dependent but it does the opposite as when you display your emotional needs too much then it leaves little room for your partner to showcase their emotional needs.


There are should be a healthy balance where both of you need to be emotionally dependent on one other and in equal amounts.


The other thing that happens is that while you get to display your emotions and dependency on them, they simply need to keep quiet in order for you to speak and that is why they might feel lonely and that feeling will ultimately get transferred to you.




One of the other common reasons why someone might feel lonely in a marriage is because there is little to no physical intimacy in the marriage. By physical intimacy, we simply do not mean sexual intimacy but we also mean intimacy where touch is involved.


Touch might seem simple because it is but that does not mean it is not powerful because touch can be a simple but powerful way of expressing your love for your partner. Perhaps holding their hand when you are watching a horror movie with them and they feel scared.


Perhaps holding their shoulder when they feel happy about something and all the little things.  These little things of physical intimacy can have a profound impact.


And of course, physical intimacy is incomplete without sexual intimacy because that is one of the best ways of making sure that you have a healthy marriage.




When we say lack of effort in the relationship or marriage it can mean a lot of things but here we are talking about lack of spending time with your partner because that can only mean one thing and that is lack of effort in the marriage.


You might give them expensive gifts and you might take them on holidays and you might treat them at the best restaurants and you might sing their praises to the world but it will be futile if you do not spend time with them.


You must be the one to show effort in the marriage by simply being with them and doing things with them. That can mean watching a movie together or visiting your friends together or going on trips together or doing anything and everything together.


All the little things will add up to a very healthy marriage if you keep on doing things together.


We hope this blog has helped you understand why you might feel lonely in your marriage and if you are someone who is feeling lonely and bored in your marriage then we have another exciting solution for you.


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