Hiring escorts for yourself can always be fun but today we are going to explore something that is very new but can be extremely fun.


We are not talking about how to book an escort individually but we are talking about how to book an escort individually as a couple.


Yes, we are talking about spending some quality time with an escort by hiring an escort individually as a couple. The escort booking process is going to be the same but the fun is going to be on a whole new level.


While it is rare for a couple to hire a single escort but it is slowly but surely catching up as we are seeing escorts for individual booking for clients rising among the ranks.




There are in fact a lot of advantages or shall we say benefits to hiring an escort as a couple. We are going to go in-depth with all the benefits and advantages.


While we cannot speak for independent escort bookings because we are an escort agency but we can surely say that couples really appreciate this kind of unique service from us.


Hiring escorts as a couple provides a unique opportunity for bonding and understanding and so much more which we are going to talk about.


This will help you get the essence of why more and more couples are trying this out as part of their Goa trip.


While we are not going to talk about private escort booking tips or even individual escort booking steps but what we are going to tell you will be a compiling argument for you to book an escort as a couple.


The best thing about this is that the individual escort services booking process is nearly the same when you are booking just for yourself or for you and your partner.


So, let us look at all the benefits and advantages of hiring escorts as a couple.






Sometimes a relationship can become boring. It might seem like you are not having fun with your partner because you have been intimate with them and you have already tried everything you can do.


That is when if you include a third person in the fun intimate moments then this is going to take the intimacy to a whole new level. This is not going to be cheating because this third person is a professional just providing a service.


You can try out new things you can totally have a new experience that you have never had before without breaking the traditional bonds of a relationship.


A healthy relationship can fall apart if there is no variety in the relationship and if the relationship starts to become stagnant.


That is why this is a very good opportunity for couples to revive a relationship by just experiencing something new together.


You can try and visit different places and try new things as a couple but that will not have the same impact of being intimate in a new way and a new style with someone who is extremely hot and attractive.




The thing about traditional couples is that they do not know variety. They have not been with a third person ever and that is why they do not have sharp intimacy skills.


Along with that, everything about the relationship becomes stagnant to the point that the relationship is just there because it would be too much work to get out of it.


When things become like that then a new experience like hiring an escort and having intimate moments with them will provide a learning experience.


That is the time when couples can exercise their excellent communication skills and discover each other’s passion which is only possible with a third person being a professional.


This will help them learn and understand each other from a perspective that may never arise naturally in their life.


While this is not for everyone but for the people who like to try new things in life this can be a game changer. You are not damaging your current relationship and you are just experiencing something new with your partner.


You can learn new things about sexuality and sensuality as well as intimacy and your partner can also have a very learning experience.




Couples who like to be in physical relationships with other couples or other people while being in a relationship themselves are called swingers.


However, some people might not regard that as a very moral thing to do. Then there is the judgement of society because it is not seen very well by society as a good practice.


However, trying out new physical relationships as a couple can be a very fun experience. That is only possible if there is a no judgement zone for that.


That is why when you come on a trip to Goa and hire an escort with us at Sanjana Kour Goa escort service and get an escort as a couple then that is going to be the perfect opportunity to explore this new side of intimacy.


You can be sure that there is going to be no judgement and you can explore this beautiful phenomenon with someone who is a professional when it comes to exploring such rare fantasies.


You can try out intimacy with someone new as a couple in a space that is safe for you.


You are in Goa for a vacation and you can choose the destination and the environment as to your liking.


No one is going to judge you and no one is here to judge you.


We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand why couples book escorts together and if it is a good thing to do.

And if you plan on doing that by surprising your partner with an escort then we are here for you. We are Sanjana Kour Goa escort service and we are the fastest growing and most popular female escort for hire agency in Goa.

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