Today we are going to talk about something that is a constant confusion for people who are not acquainted with the escort industry and this is a confusion that can lead to a lot of misinformation.


Today we are going to talk about escorting vs. prostitution and talk about how the escort service is different from sex work.


We are also going to discuss the difference between escorts and sex workers and help you understand the difference between the two terms.




In order to understand the definition of escorting with simply need to open a dictionary in order to find out the meaning and the meaning simply is to accompany someone. That is exactly what is escorting because escorts are not sex workers and they are simply there to spend time with you.


Escorts are professionals who have extremely amicable personalities and are experts at spending time with someone and they are also experts at having a conversation and making sure you are having a good time in general.


Escorts are hired by everyone whether it is for events where you need to be accompanied by someone or whether you are on a solo trip and you simply need a beautiful female companion to accompany you and to spend time together.


Now that we know what is escorting, we need to understand what is prostitution.





Prostitution is something completely different from escorting because a prostitute is someone who is going to have consensual sex with someone and offer sexual favours as a service in exchange for money.


The only similarity between escorting and prostitution is that both are services that require the exchange of money but the type of service is completely different because there is no sexual service or sexual penetration when it comes to escorting and there are sexual services when it comes to prostitution.


Escorts do not need a health check-up because there is no sex being exchanged for money but prostitutes need health check-ups along with sexual protection in order to provide their services.




Let us start with the legality of prostitution because that will enable you to understand the legality of escorting even better.


One might say that prostitution is legal in India but it is a grey area because while prostitution might not be explicitly illegal but the enterprise associated with prostitution is illegal because things like soliciting or owning and managing a brothel are illegal.


It is also illegal for kerb-crawling and running a prostitution service in a hotel is illegal.


The laws have been created so methodically so as to make sure that while prostitution is not illegal but the means to run a prostitution service is illegal in India and if someone is found engaged in sex work and enabling prostitution then they can incur heavy fines.


Now let us come back to escorting, escorting is completely legal in India. This is because it is not a sexual service and it is simply a service that is just like talking to a therapist or joining a friendship club.


From the legal side of things, escorting is a conversational service and a social service because money is only being exchanged to simply spend time with someone and to talk with someone and it is totally legal. Taking payment for providing escort services is also completely legal.




Since sorting is legal, you might wonder whether escort services require a licence.


That is not the case because there is no legal licensing to run escort services in India but there are certain legalities that must be done such as applying to a district police official in order to ask permission in order to run an escort service.


This is done so as to ensure the safety of the employees who are trying to provide an escort service and this is important since Indian law makes sure that women are protected and safe and that is why this is a necessity.




We are one of the best legal and highly recommended services and one of the reasons for that is because we do everything legally from taking permission from the highest police authority in any area to making sure that all our staff including our escorts are all registered with the authorities so as to ensure their safety as well as the safety of the clients.


We do not compromise on legality because we do not want to compromise on the quality of services that we provide and that is why we always make sure that we do everything legally.





Before we answer the question of whether you should hire escort services, we must tell you that you should never hire prostitution services, that is because it is illegal and you should never do anything illegal.


Coming back to escort services,  it is totally safe and fine to hire escort services but you must make sure to hire them from a reputed escort agency such as Sanjana Kour escort services Goa.


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