Today we are going to talk about escort booking cancellations. You might be surprised at the stats that we are going to present to you because there are no stats to start with. We will explain in detail later.


There are no fixed escort booking cancellation rates as well.


We are also going to talk about all the important factors that can affect the frequency of escort booking cancellations.


However, before talking about cancelled escort booking statistics, we must tell you that there are no statistics. This is because there is no agency out there that monitors stats about escort booking cancellations.


That is why it is nearly impossible to tell you the industry-wide escort service booking cancellation frequency. What we can do instead is tell you about escort booking cancellation trends.


This will give you an idea of why escort bookings are cancelled so that you can understand the escort industry a lot better.


This will help you identify patterns of cancellation so that you can book during those times. You can be sure that you are always going to get your favourite escort.


But before we go on about understanding escort booking cancellation patterns, let us look at what is an escort booking cancellation.




Escort booking cancellation is exactly what it sounds like. It is when the client calls in advance to cancel their appointment with the escort.


It is different from when the client does not show up. That does not fall under the category of cancellation. Cancellation is when the client makes the effort to cancel their appointment in advance.


Sometimes different agencies might charge an advance fee. If the client cancels within a certain time, then they are even liable to get back some or all compensation for the advance payment.


This is different from when the client will not show up and therefore, they won’t be able to claim compensation.


When a booking is cancelled, the client can even reschedule it.


Let us now look at the most common reasons why clients cancel escort booking appointments.






This is the most common reason why people cancel their escort booking. It is because they might have some important personal reasons to cancel it.


One of the reasons might be that they are not in a good mood because of a loss in business or other reasons of sadness.


It might be the case that they have a medical emergency which would make it impossible for them to meet an escort. People also cancel because someone in their family might be ill and they need to attend to them.


One of the major reasons for the cancellation is a family emergency. The second most common reason is work-related reasons.


These are all serious reasons and we definitely have a great understanding towards our clients and their circumstances at Sanjana Kour escort services Goa.




One of the other common reasons why people cancel their booking is because of a change of plans. People usually come to Goa on a trip. It is a trip to relax and it is a vacation.


There might be changes to that plan. There can be several reasons because of that. Perhaps there might be some important family emergency to attend to. Perhaps there is work pressure at the office.


Whatever the reason might be, if people have a change in their vacation plans to Goa, then they cancel the escort booking.


Sometimes people cancel the escort booking because they might have other important things to attend in Goa. Perhaps someone is coming with them and they can’t really visit the escort.




People who hire escorts are passionate and adventurous. Sometimes these advantages people might have a change of mind when it comes to escorts.


There can be several reasons why people might have a change of mind when it comes to their escort booking. One of the most common reasons for that is financial reasons.


While they might have booked an escort and have managed to easily pay the advance payment but they might think twice before making the complete payment.


They might have second thoughts about not spending money.


We do not pressurize clients on anything and if they feel like they are not ready for heaven on earth in Goa then we do not pressurise them into it.


People can have a change of mind because their girlfriend or partner might accompany them on that trip to Goa. That makes it virtually impossible for them to go and meet the escort.




One of the reasons why people cancel is because of misconceptions and myths. There are a lot of misconceptions about escorts.


People book escorts and then they might hear something or read something somewhere about it being illegal and then cancel it. We must tell you that escorting is completely legal in India.


And since we are the most premium and reputed escort agency in Goa, we ensure only the finest levels of safety and discretion to our clients.


This means that we do not store any personal data of our clients. We also make sure that our escorts are trained not to ask anything personal.


Of course, if the client wants to tell them something then they are free to do that.


There are also other misconceptions that it is not safe to be with an escort. To that, we say we have both in-call and out-call services.


If the client prefers anywhere they feel safe then they can choose that area for the escort booking. They can choose their own hotel room or they can choose their own home or anywhere else they feel safe.


There is also the issue of discretion as well. To that, we also have a very convenient pickup and drop service. This allows the escort to come to your room without much attention and leave the room privately.


We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand how often is an escort booking cancelled. And if you are someone who wants to hire some of the finest and sexiest female escorts in Goa then we are here for you.


We are Sanjana Kour escort services Goa and we have some of the finest selection of female escorts who are sexy as well as stunning. We also have the best selection of fun services for you to try out.


We welcome you to check out all our services and all our escorts and pick your favourite from the catalogue.

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