This is probably one of the most popular questions out there about sexual health when it comes to men and this is probably one of the most Googled questions out there.

The question we are talking about is simple and it is how long should your erection last. People always have questions about this and today we are going to answer all the questions.

We will help you understand how long an average erection should last and we will finally help you rest your mind about this question.

And before we answer the question, you would be happy to know that erections can last a short period of time and even a long period of time and it is totally normal for both cases.

However, if you feel like your erection isn’t lasting as long as you want then we also have a few organic solutions that will help your erection last even longer.

So, let us start this blog by uncovering the average erection time for young men and we have decided to go with young men simply because erections can fluctuate as you get older and the data is not very concrete in that case.

So let us dive into this very informative blog.

This Is How Long Erections Usually Last

Before we tell how long average erections last, we would like to clarify that there is no average when it comes to erections because there are so many factors that go into erections.

One of the primary factors is going to be the health of the individual and then there are other factors such as the age of the individual. Then we have to consider how much they are aroused at the moment.

Now that we have considered the factors and like be promised we are definitely going to tell you a number. Multiple studies suggest that the average erection lasts anything between 11 minutes and 40 minutes.

This is a very arbitrary number and if you want to get an average then it is usually around 30 minutes for young people.

While we cannot have any control over the average but we can definitely help you with a few important tips to help your erection last longer.

Important Tips to Help Your Erection Last Longer

Avoid Addictive Substances

The first rule of having a good erection is to simply be healthy and you can be healthy by eating well and you can be healthy by having an active lifestyle.

But if you want the shortcut to being healthy and staying healthy even if you do not follow a strict diet then the answer is to simply not indulge in any addictive substances.

We are talking about alcohol and smoking as well as other adjective substances like drugs. If you can avoid these substances then you will have no trouble maintaining your erection for over 30 minutes.

This is not just a pep talk but it is actual science because if your body is healthy and if your lungs do not need to work twice as hard to pump blood then that blood can be easily redirected to your penis.

This is as simple as it gets because if your veins at in good condition then you are also going to have excellent erections.

Try A Balanced Healthy Diet

If you want to maintain the best kind of erections in the world then all you need to do is to have a balanced diet.

You can consult a dietitian on this matter but the simple thing to understand here is to have every component such as proteins and cards as well as fibres while maintaining the gut.

The other thing you must keep in mind is that your calorie intake should not be more than your calorie expenditure. If you do that then it can lead to diabetes and fat storage.

That is why if you maintain a healthy diet and eat lots of greens and stay hydrated as well as avoid addictive substances and also do not eat fast food and maintain your calorie count then you will have a healthy body and it will lead to amazing erections.

Have A Healthy Lifestyle

We have decided to keep a specific point for a healthy lifestyle but you might wonder why there is this extra point in the blog because we have already mentioned avoiding addictive substances and having a healthy diet.

But there is a third important component that brings everything together and it is to balance all the good qualities. You can eat good food and you can also avoid bad substances but if you have a lot of stress in life then your erections will not be good.

But if you can manage to eat healthy and avoid bad substances and also maintain a healthy lifestyle such as eating on time and sleeping on time as well as avoiding work stress then and only then will you have good erections.

We must understand the purpose of an erection and it is the body getting ready to create new life and the erection is only going to be in the best condition possible when you are in the best condition possible.

That is why you need to prioritise your health and your family and good times above stress and you are going to have excellent erections.

There Are Some Things That Just Need Expert Help

There might be instances where you can still have a problem with an erection even after having an excellent lifestyle and that is what we call erectile dysfunction.

It can happen to anyone and it mostly happens because of reasons that are out of your control such as blood vessel disease as well as even nerve damage etc

That is why this is something that needs expert help and attention and that is why we would always suggest that if you have erectile dysfunction then you should only consult a doctor and not try to find the solution in blogs.

We hope this blog has been informative and enlightening for you to help maintain excellent erections and now if you are having excellent erections and you do not know what to do with these erections then we are here to help you.

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