Today we are going to talk about something that is very interesting and this is actually a question that has been asked far too many times for us not to answer.


The question goes like this whether intimacy with escorts will help you enjoy sex even more and the answer to this is quite complicated.


This is because there is no sexual experience or physical contact in escorting because it is not prostitution work, there is only meaningful talk and perhaps romantic and passionate conversation without any awkwardness.


There might be dirty talk and there might be sensual talk but escorting is not sex work and that is also something people confuse escorting with.


But spending time with escorts can actually help your sex life. In order to understand that, we must understand what leads to sex insecurity.




There can be a lot of reasons why a person might have sex insecurity and these can be real issues for that person because they might not feel confident approaching someone about sex.


Even if that person approaches someone and the other person is willing, their confidence will let them down because they will not be able to perform at the right moment.


We can call that body image issues but it is more about confidence issues, it is more about carrying yourself and being a confident person who is adventurous and passionate.


No matter how many opportunities you get for sex it might be a difficult situation for you if you are not confident enough no matter how good you look.


Self-esteem is directly tied to sexual performance and if you have bad self-esteem then your sexual performance will not be good. This has nothing to do with physical appearance because a confident person is a confident person.




The common mistake that people make is they try to emulate or they try to get advice or tips from people who are good at sex.


People will try to ask for necessary sex tips from sex workers or they might even read blogs about adult entertainers in order to find the secret to better sex.


People might even try to do research about how sex workers encounter pleasure with clients and the thinking behind this is to look somewhere where people are having good sex.


They are looking in the wrong place.




The actual solution to good sex is good self-confidence and it is how you carry yourself in front of the opposite sex.


You might do a little bit of research yourself then you might also find out that people who are less attractive than you are having better sex than you and the simple reason behind this is that they are confident.


Therefore, the only place where you can be confident and gain your confidence is to go on dates with escorts and not appointments with prostitutes.


Let us look at a few important reasons why you will gain self-confidence with escorts.






Escorts will help you identify yourself and classify your image in front of yourself so that you can be more confident of who you are.


There is no judgement associated with escorts and you can talk to them as freely as you want because you are not trying to build a relationship and there is nothing at stake here.


This freedom will enable you to express your true self and be very open and casual with them so that it can truly bring out the coloured of your personality.




If you are shy or awkward around ladies then one of the reasons might be that you do not feel confident around them because of how attractive they are.


The best thing about escorts is that they are probably the most attractive women in the entire town or city.


If you get accustomed to talking to them freely then that fear of attractiveness will diminish over time and meeting regular women will be no problem for you.


If you can handle the best women then you can handle average regular women quite easily.




This is something that many people don’t realise and it is that escorts are a kind of therapy because it is very difficult for men to talk freely to anyone and even their therapist.


It is very difficult for them to divulge things about their mind and how they feel about someone because they fear judgement but the equation changes when it comes to escorts.


Escorts are so good with conversation and intimacy that it can be a very easy thing for a man to do and talk freely and openly to an escort.


They know that they can talk about their mental health and other important issues without fear of being judged by anyone.


This is also one of the primary reasons why people hire escorts and it is to simply talk to someone without any fear of judgement.




Sex is all about control, power and positive assurance and it is usually the case that men are the dominant person when it comes to sex.


That is why it works wonders for self-confidence when men can be in a similar situation of power with a woman whether it is sexual or not sexual and that is exactly the case with escorts.


You can be a man and lead the way and take charge of the situation and have a good time with them.


This is a positive kind of control that is actually very good for mental health and it is a very good confidence booster which will ultimately help you in bed.


We have this blog has helped to understand how intimacy with escorts can help you enjoy sex more and if you are someone who is in a similar situation and wants to improve your sex life then we are here to help you.


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