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Goa is truly one of the most unique destinations in India when it comes to its unique culture and traditions.

If you want to experience something completely new and something that is a fusion between Portugal and India then you definitely need to come to Goa.

One of the best ways to experience a culture is to try out the food that it has to offer and that is exactly what we are going to be talking about today.

We are going to talk about some of the most loved and some of the most distinct delicacies in Goa that are only found in Goa and nowhere else in India.

While they might be found in other variations but they can definitely be recognised as truly Goan. This is our list and we would also welcome you to comment below on what you think about this list and whether you would like to add something to it.

We would also like to tell you to keep your dietary needs in mind and be your own judge when it comes to trying out new food.

Having said that, let us start this deliciously appetizing and informative blog on some of the most signature delicacies of Goa.

Here Are Some of The Most Unique and Popular Delicacies of Goa

Goan Fish Curry

We have to start the list with this legendary dish that is only found in Goa and there is a reason by this is so special.

While South Indian fish curries are usually tangy but the Goan fish curry has a very light tangy flavour with a very balanced taste.

This is not some fancy high-end dish that is only served at 5-star restaurants but it is something commonly consumed by the locals regularly.

The reason why this is so balanced is simply because of its combination of spices and mango as well as coconut.

You should definitely try it when you are in Goa.

Goan Pork Vindaloo

Goa is a place like no other and it is simply because it is a paradise of fusion between Portuguese and Indian styles of cooking.

This pork dish is a testament to that combination because it combines things like vinegar which is a very Portuguese-specific ingredient with things like potatoes and garlic as well as pork.

Along with that, this iconic dish gives you a very vibrant flavour profile which is very hearty because of its combination of onions as well as chillies making it a very refreshing dish.

While this is a little bit heavy on the appetite but you should definitely try it.

Chicken Xacuti

The third dish on our list is completely different from the first two delicacies because this is a dish that is very complex in its flavour profile.

With Chicken Xacuti, you get a combination of Kashmiri chillies along with other roasted spices as well as poppy seeds. We can’t miss the fact that it uses a good amount of coconut to balance everything out.

This is a very aromatic delicacy and you will keep coming back for more once you have a little bit of it.

Chicken Cafreal

We have a very special dish for you because this is different from all the other ones on the list and it is actually a very green kind of dish which some would even consider healthy. It’s not because of its spicyness and calorie count.

The base of this chicken dish is made from a green paste of herbs and spices. This is a lunch dish and the chicken is very flavourful and some would even consider this too flavourful.

You can have this all by itself or you can even have this with plain rice but if you want to remove rice then you can even have this with just a salad.


Now let us move from the main course to a very traditional desert that’s only found in Goa.

This is one of the tastiest pudding recipes you will ever have because it contains everything awesome like coconut milk and eggs as well as sugar and flour.

However, if you combine all of them, you are still not going to get Bebinca unless you bake it to perfection.

Ambot Tik

Now let’s bring you something exotic in the form of a delicious Shark dish. You might not even get Shark meat in other parts of India but this is a very common delicacy in Goa.

This is primarily a spicy and tangy dish that is different from all the other dishes mentioned in this list.

This is because while other Goan food dishes utilise coconut in some form or another such as grated coconut or coconut milk but this delicacy does not use coconut.

You need to try it to understand how amazing it is.


Goan dishes would be incomplete if we do not include a stew into the mix and this is probably the most popular stew in Goa.

It is relatively simple because all you need is salted pork and red beans and a very specific mix of spices.

All the primary ingredients are fried and then water is added and if you want a smoother texture then you can even add coconut milk to it.

However, it can get tricky if you have never tried it before and we would suggest you have it from any renowned restaurant for the first time.


If we are creating a list on Goa and we miss Feni then it would be a grave injustice. Feni is one of the most traditional Goan spirits and is made from cashews.

It is among the very few indigenous and original ways of making alcohol in India and it is very traditional to Goa.

You can’t find Feni anywhere in the world other than Goa and it has a very unique flavour profile and is usually consumed with cocktails.

However, we must tell you that this is an alcoholic beverage and it is only meant for adults.


If you like pork liver and mutton liver then this is the perfect dish for you because this is probably one of the most famous liver curries of India.

Shorpotel not only uses meat but also liver along with vinegar and it also uses Toddy which is a locally fermented spirit. Shorpotel is a very spicy curry that is eaten during celebrations.

While we would not suggest you to have this every day because it is very spicy and rich but you can have this on special occasions.

Rava Fried Fish

And last but not the least we have rava fried fish. This is not exactly a very continental refined delicacy but it is much more special to that and has a rustic charm.

This is because it is one of the most popular fried fish delicacies you can find in beach shacks near all the popular beaches of Goa.

It is a relatively simple dish and it is just kingfish or mackerel coated in rava and spices. But there is more complexity to the cooking methods and you should definitely try it.

We hope this blog has been helpful for you to know some of the most popular and iconic delicacies of Goa.

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