Car Sex

Sex in the car with escorts is one of the most fun things you can do if you are adventurous and passionate and it is something that is definitely for the people who like to spice things up differently.

That is why if you are someone who likes to do something as adventurous as car sex then we have a very spicy and naughty blog for you that will help you with all the techniques and all the safety related to car intimacy.

However, before you do anything we must warn you that this is just a fun blog that does not encourage anything illegal and that is why you must always keep the local laws in mind before you do anything. If you want to do car seduction then you must do it in your own private property and not in a public place.

Let us find out how to have the best passion on wheels with a few simple tips that will help you unlock all the key techniques of backseat pleasure.



You must always make sure that the car is on a flat area and not a hill or beside a cliff or anywhere dangerous. You must make sure that you are not obstructing traffic so that nobody can have any problem with you. You must never forget to engage the handbrake because keeping the car in neutral or parking is just not enough and the car can roll away when you are shaking the car vigorously. When you are selecting the location, you must also keep in mind that the location is not very public and the location is isolated so that nobody can disturb you. You can choose scenic locations like a beautiful beach or even a forest or you can look for empty parking lots etc.


One of the most important things to keep in mind during your roadside passion adventure is privacy because if you do not have the perfect privacy then you are not going to have the ultimate fun. You must make sure to have blankets or towels or even curtains. You can use sunshades but they are not the best because they are semi-transparent. You can simply use your shirt to block the windows so that nothing inside is visual and you can have your fun privately.  Another important thing to keep in mind is to never undress completely because if you get interrupted by someone then you can pretend to do something else and that would be easily manageable compared to being totally naked in the backseat.


One of the most important aspects of drive-in desires is car selection. You must totally avoid cars that do not have a lot of space in the backseat. This includes city cars or urban cars that are designed to be small so that they can move through city traffic. You must also avoid cars that have very big windows. The best option would be vans but if you are having sex in a van then it is much more suspicious and the police might look into the van. The next option is SUVs. They are just the perfect car to have all the car sex in the world. You will get all the space that you want and it is going to be very comfortable. And if you can rent an SUV with small windows then you are also going to have a lot of privacy.


The ideal thing to do would be to keep the windows down but if it is too hot or you need privacy then you must keep the windows up and turn on the AC. But you must never run the AC on just the battery because doing that will totally drain the car battery and you might not even be able to start the car after finishing your roadside passion. You must keep in mind that car sex is not going to be the most comfortable experience because you are in a car and that is why you can utilise things like towels and pillows as well as blankets to make the experience better.


There are a lot of positions you can try while having sex in your car but it would not be possible to do all the positions unless you have a very spacious car. One of the simplest techniques is the chair technique where your partner is simply going to sit on your lap and you can enjoy this position quite easily. This is also a position that you can get out of if there is any interruption.  Try avoiding difficult styles such as doggy style or 69 unless you have a large space in your car.  Experiment and find out what are the best positions if you want to have car sex. If you do not want to have hardcore sex then a car is also amazing for oral sex.


Try avoiding things like lubes and oils because that can damage the car seat. On the topic of not damaging your car interior, use condoms because that will also keep things clean. Additionally, it is always a good option to keep a plastic tarp on the backseat so that the seat does not get damaged. You must also make sure to have a few simple things such as extra tissues and extra towels just in case. Along with that, it is also a good idea to have hand sanitiser. If you want to spice things up then you can also have room fresheners. Having a room freshener is a much safer option than having scented candles because you should never have any active flame in the car.

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