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If you are someone who likes big beautiful boobs. And you really like to play with them then you would love to read this whole blog. Because this blog is dedicated to the bra cup sizes of our high-class escorts.


We love to satisfy our clients with whatever they like. So, if you like high-end escort chest sizes to be big and soft then that is exactly what we are going to deliver.


We are the escort agency where everything is natural from the boobs to the ass and everything that is big and soft. That includes our classy escort’s cup sizes.


This will be a simple but fun guide for you to understand elite escort bra sizes.




Bra sizes can be very difficult to understand if you are not a female. That is why when you want to hire elite companions, you would want to know the cup sizes of elite companions.


That is why this guide will help you hire our high-class escorts according to their breast sizes.


Cup measurements of upscale companions at Sanjana Kaur are usually the biggest. All our high-class escort bust sizes at the biggest. And they have no cosmetic changes done to them.


They are 100% natural and fun to play with.


So, let us finally help you understand how bra cup sizes work. This is so that you can choose the top-tier escort chest dimensions when you hire an escort.






In order to understand bra cup sizes, you need to understand band measurements.


This is called the band measurement because this is where the bra band or brass strap rests around the chest area. The band is the strap of the bra that sits just below the breasts.


This is where we get measurements such as 32 or 34 or even 30. But the thing to understand here is that these measurements only come in even numbers.


If you want a big girl who is not petite then you should not choose measurements such as 28 or 30. Rather you should choose anything above 30.


However, you must understand that we are not talking about the breast size just yet. This is the band measurement and this is different from the final measurement such as 32D, 30C etc.




Now we are going to talk about the bust measurement. If you want to understand exclusive escort cup sizes then you should understand this as well.


Bust size is determined if you take a measuring tape and measure not just below the breast but over the breast and around the whole body. That means you are also going to include the breasts in this measurement.


That will give you the bust measurement. It is usually a bigger number than the band measurement because the breasts are also included in the measurement.


Now we are going to tell you about how to bring all these measurements together in the form of alphabets that everyone understands.




Now you understand the escort’s bust measurements as well as the escort’s band measurements.


You also know that anyone with breasts is going to have a bigger bust measurement greater than the band measurement.


The difference between these two measurements is going to help you understand the size of the breasts.


This means if the bust measurement is a lot bigger than the band measurement then the difference is going to be the breast size which will also be big.


The bigger the difference and the bigger the number, the bigger the breast. This measurement is always measured in inches.


In the next point, we are going to tell you how these measurements translate into cup measurements alphabetically like A, B, C, D, DD(E), DDD(F), G etc.




Let us start with an example. If the band measurement is 32 and the bust measurement is 33.  That means the difference between these two numbers is the size of the boobs. Which is 1 in this case.


This also means that the size is not very big because the difference in number is not very big.  That is why when the difference is 1, the alphabet A is associated with it.


Similarly, if the difference is 2, then the alphabet B is associated with it. Is slightly bigger than cup size A but it is not that big. And we don’t usually have any escorts with cup size B.


Now we will come to the fun sizes.


If the size difference between the band measurement and the bust measurement is 3, then the alphabet C is associated with it.


This size is quite big compared to cup size A. We usually have escorts that start with cup size C.


Let us take things to another level. If the difference between the band size and the bust size is 4, then the alphabet D is associated with it.


This is the most popular breast size at Sanjana Kaur because our clients love to play with boobs with cup size D.


However, if you are someone who is not satisfied with boobs size D and you like magnificent sizes then let us introduce you to DD.


It is when the difference between the band measurement and the bust measurement is 5.


While DD is technically called E, it is popularly known as DD. This is the biggest level of cup size that is fun to play with.


Anything beyond this size is unmanageable, things can become saggy after DD.




You have probably heard of measurements such as 32C or 30B or for example 32DD. This is how cups are measured in real life.


The first number corresponds to the band size. If you recall, the band size is the measurement of the chest just below the breast. The band size helps you get an idea of how big the chest is without the breast.


So, if you take a bra size like 32D. Then 32 is the band size. Thinner escorts will have smaller band sizes. It has nothing to do with the size of the boobs. Now the alphabet D is the cup size.


And when you add alphabets to this number you get an idea about the size of the breasts as well as how curvy the escort is.


We usually have escorts that have sizes that are never below C. This means you can choose the perfect size for yourself and never be disappointed that it’s too small for you to play with.


We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand not only how cup sizes work but also find out what is your favourite size.


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