Dominant in Bedroom

Being dominant in bed is a very popular kink. However, you might have not tried being dominant in bedroom with your partner.

This might be because you are worried whether you become too dominant and this is something that every man thinks because they do not want to hurt their partner and also be dominant at the same time.

You know it is actually possible to be dominant as much as you want and still have a good time in bed with your partner without compromising on any pleasure.

That is exactly what we will talk about in this blog where we will tell you how you can be as dominant as you want in bed and bring out all your manliness without hurting your partner or making it uncomfortable for them.

This blog has been created from the experience of a lot of men and you might relate to it but there is also a chance that you might not relate to it.

That is why we always ask you to give it a try and see if these tips will help you bring out your dominant personality in the bedroom.

So, let us look at all the tips that will help you become dominant in bed.

Important Tips to Become Dominant in Bed


Communication is one of the most important things you must always keep in mind if you ever plan on doing anything in bed.

This is because it is always fun when there is consent between both parties even if you are in a relationship or married.

That is why you must always ask permission from the other person before you start the dominant roleplay in the bedroom because they are not going to be comfortable without that.

If they are not comfortable then the dominant and submissive roleplay will simply stop as they might find it very surprising and they might even get offended if you just start being dominant.

This is also true if you are trying out one one-night stand and you do not know the person then it will become even more necessary to ask them what they like and then do as you like.

It is also important that you discuss a safe word that will stop the sex because sometimes the dominant sex can become too much for your partner.

Costumes And Props

If you want to have the ultimate dominant fun then all you have to do is to add different things into the roleplay.

We are talking about costumes because if you add costumes of different roles where one is naturally submissive and the other one dominant then it will become even more realistic.

We are talking about things like a thief and a police costume or maybe a teacher and student costume where it is naturally obvious who is dominant and who is submissive.

You can also add different things into the mix such as different toys such as handcuffs, ropes and other kinds of things for bondage.

The more things you add into the play the more it is going to become real and you are going to have a lot more fun that way.

When it comes to props, you can use any kind of toys that you want and you can even add things that make the costumes more realistic.

For example, if you are doing a teacher-student roleplay then you can add a punishment stick that you can use to smack her bottom with.

It is all about using your imagination.

Different Positions in Bed

One of the things you can do if you want to become dominant is the choose the sex positions that you like and of course, you need to communicate about that with your partner before you do it.

But we are talking about only doing the positions you like and then changing the positions as you want them to be.

It should be all about you and what you like and your partner should obey your command because if you like 69 then you should order your partner to do it with you, if you like missionary then that is going to be what you do.

Being dominant is about controlling the situation and it is really important that you lead during sex with your wants and desires being the priority.

You can plan beforehand on what your partner likes and then you can order her to do it during sex when you are role playing as dominant.

But you should never request your partner anything during dominant roleplay because it will ruin the roleplay.

Dirty Talk

If you want to find out some of the most important components of dominant roleplay then dirty talk is definitely among them.

During dominant sex, you should always have a safeword which is a word of comfort and it might signify that your partner wants to stop or something else like she is feeling uncomfortable. We already discussed this in the point about communication.

After you set the safeword and after you discuss boundaries with your partner on the things that your partner does not like to be called, it’s all fair game.

You can abuse and call her anything you want provided that you both agree to that beforehand and it is going to enhance your dominant sex to a degree that is not possible without dirty talk.

When it comes to dirty talk, it is not just about verbal abuse but it is also about making her feel submissive with your words.

You can ask her to call you dominant things like ‘daddy’ or other things like ‘master’ or even other things like ‘my lord’.

If you use the words during dominant sex then it is very easy to assert dominance because these are generally positions of dominance.

We hope this blog gives you new fun ideas to try out with your partner but if you are not sure and you want to practice these ideas with someone else then we are here for you.

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