Meeting an escort is certainly an amazing experience and if you are doing it for the first time then it is definitely going to be very memorable for you.

That is why you should try and make sure the experience does not get ruined by anything that you do.  You want to be in your best presentable state possible so that you can enjoy the date with confidence.

If you want to have an amazing date with an escort and if you want to do it confidently then there are certain things that you should not do.

This blog is going to focus on those things and the best part is that you can utilise all the tips that we are above to tell you with any kind of date including a date with your girlfriend.

We are going to talk about things that you should avoid consuming before going on a date with an escort. We are going to talk about all kinds of things from strong-spelling foods to illegal substances and much more.

We are only going to be talking about things that you can consume and we are leaving out things like smoking and drugs because you should not do them anyway and they are very bad for you.

Having said that, let’s look at things to avoid before your date with an escort.

Things To Avoid Before Meeting with Your Escort Date

Always Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is not attractive especially when you are going on a date and that is why you should avoid drinking alcohol before the date.

Now this is very subjective because you might have a glass of wine before the date and that is completely okay.

But when we say you should avoid alcohol, we mean that you should not have hard liquor that will give off a bad smell.

The other reason why you should avoid alcohol is because if you are too drunk then you are not going to enjoy the moment with the escort.

You can decide to have some wine or some cocktails with your date but you should not get drunk on it.

Whatever you do you should do it in moderation so that you can actually enjoy the moment.

Strong-Smelling Foods

The second thing that you should avoid is going to be very smelly food. We are talking about things like garlic and onions because the smell lingers long after you have eaten them.

These are the kinds of food that cause bad breath and in order to understand this you must think from the perspective of your date who is the escort.

Imagine if your date smells like garlic and has a very bad breath then it is going to be very unattractive and that is why you should avoid these kinds of food.

Additionally, you might also want to avoid things that have a very strong smell such as certain types of cheese and sauces.

Spicy and Heavy Meals

One of the other things that you should totally avoid is heavy meals just before the date. There are multiple reasons why you should do this.

The first and the most obvious reason is that you do not want to go to the toilet when you are on a date and if you have a heavy meal before the date then it will increase your chances of catching the big loo.

The other reason is that food is excellent for conversation and you should definitely order food when you are on a date. But if you are already full then you cannot enjoy quality food with your escort.

You should also avoid spicy foods even if you do not have a heavy meal simply because you do not want to have foods that cause indigestion.

Along with that, you must also understand that things like spicy foods are foods that cause bloating. You do not want to burp throughout the romantic date as it is very unattractive.

Sulphur Compound Food

There are a lot of food out there that contains sulphur compounds. These kinds of food are usually called cruciferous food and vegetables.

That includes things like leafy green vegetables and also things like cauliflower as well as cabbage and other crunchy vegetables.

They are very healthy for you but you should just avoid them before the date because they produce a lot of gas.

And you can understand how embarrassing it can be if you are on your date and you suddenly need to pass gas.

Even if you try and control that gas, these foods still tend to make you smell bad because sulphur compounds tend to get out of your body through sweat.

Every Kind of Fast Food

If you want to know what are the things to avoid before meeting your escort then we might have told you a few things to avoid because they have adverse effects that are not very attractive.

That is why you should avoid fast food completely because if you have fast food then you will get a combination of those undesirable effects.

Fast food will cause acidity and indigestion and it will also cause bloating and it will definitely give you a bad breath.

And the thing about fast food is that it is not really good for the body and fast food is a comfort food which might make you tired and not attentive.

And when we are talking about fast food that also includes every kind of soft drink and also energy drinks because they will not do a lot of good for you.

We hope this gives you an idea of what to avoid before meeting your escort date. There are other things that you should avoid such as having anything excessive even something like excessive caffeine.

You should make sure to eat healthy and not eat a lot before going on a date because if you are not stuffed to the neck with food then you are also going to feel much more confident and attractive.

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