annoying stereotypes

Escorts face a lot of stereotypes and specially about the type of work that they do because escorts are sometimes confused as prostitutes and sometimes people disrespect them.


It can get annoying for any person to be made fun of and their work misunderstood.


Stereotypes can get annoying because stereotypes are not real facts and that is why this blog will help debunk a few annoying stereotypes about escorts.


Understanding these stereotypes will not only help you understand the difference between escorts and sex workers but it will also help you understand female escorts and the type of work they do.


So, let us look at a few annoying stereotypes about escorts and debunk them.






One of the most common mistakes people make is that they assume escorts are prostitutes and that escorts do sex work but that is very far from the truth.


Escorts and prostitutes have no connection because the types of work that they do are completely different.


The primary work of a prostitute is to provide intercourse and sexual encounters and a prostitute earns money simply by providing sex and that is the only thing that they do.


The escort service is a very complex service that consists of multiple variables including physical intimacy but physical intimacy is not the primary job of an escort.


The primary job of an escort is to be there with you and accompany you to different places and make sure you are having a good time.


They can be your girlfriend and they can be your romantic partner and you can spend romantic moments with them and talk and explore different places.


The primary job of an escort is to be charming and it is to be intelligent and listen to you and understand you and continue a beautiful conversation with you.




This is probably one of the stupidest stereotypes out there about escorts because escorts are probably the most hygienic and clean people of any population group.


It is their job to stay presentable and attractive and it is their job to stay clean and maintain their hygiene to a very strict detailed regimen.


This is because if escorts are not clean then they can fail to get clients because no client is going to be with someone who is unclean.


In fact, this is one of the primary things that escort agencies look for before they hire a new escort and it is to find out the escort’s opinion on hygiene.


Escort agencies only pick escorts who take extra care of their hygiene because it is one of the basics of escort services in Goa and around the world.


That is why this stereotype is just foolish and needs to be broken.


Escorts maintain a hygiene routine that starts in the morning to multiple times during the day where they are going to take showers and take antibacterial meds and much more.


They are also going to be doing a lot of tests to make sure that they do not have any STDs or any other kind of virus.


They will always carry hand sanitisers because having the best kind of hygiene is the minimum requirement of the escorting industry, failing to do so can be the end of a career.





Escorts are intelligent people with some of them having more than just graduate degrees and this is a necessity of the escort service, let us tell you why.


When people think of escorts, they can sometimes think of them as prostitutes whose only job is to provide sex but escorting is a very complex job.


Escorting requires the person to be intelligent and at the same level of intelligence or understanding as their clients because if the client cannot talk to the escort then it is useless to hire them.


Escorts need to not only be attractive but intelligent and witty, they also need to be excellent at conversation and all that can only indicate one thing and it is that they need to be educated.


Sometimes escorts can have other jobs which might be in different industries from corporate to education or even health care or other industries and they do escorting part-time.


This can give you an idea as to the level of people who are involved in escorting because without intelligence you cannot be an escort.


It is easy to be a prostitute because you do not need any intelligence but in order to be an escort you actually need real intelligence along with education.




This is a very old stereotype and this is in line with the stereotype that escorts are stupid and that they are emotionally damaged and that is why they have chosen this career.


This is far from the truth because escorts are not only emotionally stable but here is something even more important that you should know.


Escorts can easily be compared to therapists because what they provide is basically therapy with intimacy as they are there to listen to people and to talk to them and understand their problems.


Sometimes they might provide solutions and sometimes they might not but they are there to be emotionally mature enough to listen to people’s problems and understand them and provide compassion.


This is the kind of thing that requires extreme emotional maturity.




While money might be an important factor but money is not the primary reason why escorts do this because there is something even more important.


Escorts provide their services for money but it is mostly because they like doing it. It’s important to understand this because an escort is not as popular at the start of their career.


If they were here only for the money then any person who is not passionate enough would simply quit this kind of job of providing secret fun.


But escorts who have long careers do not quit and most of them say that they enjoy being admired and the enjoy the intelligent conversation and romantic appeal of the job.


They enjoy spending time with intelligent and passionate men and they enjoy spending time with different intelligent men.


It is a very safe and fun job to do and if someone is really talented then they can be quite successful in this profession.


We hope this blog was able to break a few stereotypes and if you are someone who is passionate and adventurous and is looking for intelligent and beautiful escorts then we are here to help you.


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